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Counter Knights Mod opens a fascinating action-adventure. Revolving around the story of a knight who is fighting to explore the universe. Here, the knight will have to fight a lot of different enemies. The monsters are led by the boss. The gameplay of the game takes place in the style of counterattack. Provided by the developer with a series of features, to bring a fascinating adventure. Knights can fight in many different styles. Through equipped weapons and player strength growth. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the graphics. Based on vivid 3D graphics. Recreate the environment, with bright image quality. At the same time, it opens up the environment, the context of battles in many different locations.

Download Counter Knights Mod – Action-Adventure of a Knight to Explore the Universe

Counter Knights Mod’s cosmic adventure takes place in each level. Play as a knight to start a challenging journey. Enter each level in ascending order. Mission to defeat monsters and bosses. Each level is a dramatic battle. With different challenges and missions to perform. Achievements will be shown through the number of gold stars, up to 3 stars. After finishing the battle on a level and winning. Complete the required task, qualify to continue to the next level. Then you will have a chance to get bonuses and lots of loot. The difficulty also gradually increases each time a new level is started. The power of the boss and the monsters was superior to before. Make it difficult for the knight to win.Counter Knights Mod

3 stages, boss fight

Each battle in Counter Knights Mod is divided into 3 stages. Simultaneously happening in real-time. Each stage appears different monster. They attack in a variety of ways. Can lunge for melee attacks or throw knives from a distance. Go through each stage, in turn, to face the boss in the final battle. Boss possesses a huge amount of blood, large size. At the same time, the strength was superior to that of ordinary monsters. Use the knight’s offensive and defensive skills. Defeat the boss to win, get the achievement with the maximum number of stars. Besides, in battle, monsters will drop gold coins after being destroyed. Combined with the reward received after the battle is over. From there it is possible to collect a large number of gold coins.Ear Counter Knights Mod

Attack skills

Knights in Counter Knights Mod possess many different skills. In the course of the action-adventure. Can perform skills to attack enemies. Through its own featured icons. The axicon is used to attack in the normal way. The shield icon is used for defense when being attacked by a barrage. It also has the ability to repel attacks on the enemy. For example, when a monster throws a knife to attack from a distance. Use the shield by tapping twice in a row. Can repel attacks on monsters. Lowers their defense. Then can beat easier. In addition, the lightning symbol can unleash the full power of the knight. When the mana is full, using it will deal massive damage to enemies.Game Counter Knights Mod

Strength stats

The strength of the knight in Counter Knights Mod is shown through different stats. Includes maximum health, damage stats to enemies. Attack speed of each attack, defense ability. Critical hit ratio, critical damage, skill damage, and resistance. Each indicator plays a very important role. Because each type of power has its own ability. For example, the greater the amount of blood, the higher the survival rate. Skill damage is shown when the knight uses the skill to attack. Can deal more damage if the damage stat is higher. To increase your combat ability, you need to develop the strength of the knight. By using bonuses earned from previous battles. Upgrade stats to increase strength.Download Counter Knights Mod

At Counter Knights Mod, knights can also fight in many different styles. Through the diverse weapon system, used to attack. Combined with the right strength growth. For example, using an ax with a melee attack ability. Prioritize important attack stats and hit rate. Or equip a sword. Combined physical and skill damage. From there can increase attack speed twice as fast. Depends on your playing style. Use gold coins to unlock weapons and upgrade their respective power stats. That will create a knight possessing outstanding combat ability.

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