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If you like fun action style, then Count Masters Mod is the choice for you. This game brings you into the funny battle between the stickman mobs. But you don’t need to learn any superior combat skills, instead, you need to practice calculation skills. In each fight, you will control your stickman crowd to move on the running track. Your task is to collect many soldiers and coins and defeat all enemies. In the end, you will conquer the big boss fight or climb the ladder to multiply your bonus. Are you ready to do this?

Download Count Masters Mod – Overcome obstacles and strengthen the crowd

This game is built with a simple plot. It’s about the fight between two stickman forces (blue and red stickmen). You will become the commander of one of these two forces. And your mission is to defeat the enemy to rob the stronghold, coins, and win. Your battles will take place on the track at each level. There, you will start at the starting position and have to overcome obstacles to get to the final point. Along the way, find ways to strengthen your forces, ready for the big battle that can happen at any time.


Choose the best gates

So how to strengthen your force? It depends on how you move. On the run, the game offers a series of different obstacles. In it, there are gates that help you add or multiply the number of troops. Your job is to move through the best portal to get as many soldiers as possible. At the same time, you need to dodge portals with subtraction and division or choose to go through portals that deal the least amount of damage. Moreover, you need to overcome the pitfalls to preserve the force.

Those pitfalls can be barricades, swing hammers, gaps, and more. To dodge them, you need to quickly move left or right. Besides, you will encounter some enemy troops along the way. To defeat them, you must have a larger number of troops than the enemy. For example, if you have 80 stickman troops, you will defeat a crowd of enemies with 50 soldiers. In general, the larger the number of troops, the greater the advantage. And this depends on your mobility and calculation.


Non-stop upgrading

There are two important factors that you need to pay attention to when playing Count Masters Mod. Those are the Start Units and Income indicators. The first indicator shows the number of stickman soldiers at the time of starting. The higher this stat, the greater your advantage. Next, the Income indicator shows how much gold you will earn at each level. If you upgrade this stat, your stickman mob will make more money. In the beginning, you should upgrade this stat instead of Start Unit. When you have more money, you can upgrade the remaining stats.

The higher the level, the more money you have to spend on upgrading these stats. But the effect is bigger and bigger, so you’ll have a better advantage over time. Besides upgrading, spend your money building your castle and unlocking skins. There are dozens of unique skins waiting for you to discover. To earn more coins and unlock more, you can choose to watch ads or download the Mod version of this game. With the unlimited money feature, you can enjoy shopping.


A series of increasingly difficult challenges

The addictive power of this game lies in its difficulty. You may get bored with the first few levels when the challenge is relatively easy. However, from level 10 onwards, you will encounter dozens of troubles along the way at each level. The battles become more difficult as the opponent gets stronger. At the same time, obstacles are increasing and appearing with higher frequency. You have to be really alert to move skillfully. Moreover, choose the best portals to upgrade the force for free.


Simple but eye-catching design

All levels in this game are designed quite simply. However, everything has bright colors, providing a friendly experience for all players. The combat effects are also simplified, reducing the action factor of this game. From there, the puzzle element is pushed up, helping you relax while enjoying challenging levels. The 3D stickman shape also contributes to the fun of each level.

Count Masters Mod is really an interesting game for every player. Not only will you find here engaging stickman fights, but also the relaxation from the computational puzzle mechanics. Thanks to that, the game also helps you improve your counting and calculation skills. Moreover, it will improve your concentration while immersing yourself in hundreds of exciting levels here. Don’t hesitate to download the game and enjoy it now.

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