Cooking Voyage: Cook & Travel 1.10.14+71c081b (Unlimited Money)

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You will be satisfied with your passion for cooking, immersed in the culinary space when coming to Cooking Voyage. Besides, players also have the opportunity to own a luxury ship to adventure around the world. From here developed into a fine dining restaurant, serving all visitors. The gameplay has extremely easy to understand, familiar gameplay but brings many new features. It will definitely bring you a wonderful and interesting experience. As the owner of a yacht, you will have to do all the work in the kitchen and self-catering and managing. No assistance will be available until resources are available to recruit additional staff. The recipes are available, players just need to touch the arrow keys on the screen with their hands. Operations must be quick and decisive to promptly respond to customer requests. They came more and more, You will not have a free moment because the work is always busy and continuous. Therefore speed is very important, but also need to ensure the quality of the dish. Don’t let them burn, spoil, spend a lot of time making the guests wait for a long time and leave. Will affect the reputation of the restaurant, reduce stars, not receive bonuses. So don’t let this unfortunate thing happen to you.

Download Cooking Voyage Mod – Explore cuisines around the world, satisfy your passion for cooking

The special thing that attracts players in Cooking Voyage Mod is to cook and travel everywhere at the same time. Having the opportunity to interact and learn about the culinary cultures of many countries around the world. It will definitely help you accumulate a lot of experience and cooking skills. Constantly creating unique and attractive dishes to enrich the restaurant’s cuisine. Attract customers everywhere, spread the brand further. However, doing this is not easy, requiring players to know how to arrange a reasonable time. Organize scientific work, always ready to meet the requirements of the guests. Serve with an open attitude, gentle, subtle gestures that capture their hearts. And win positive reviews, get many stars, collect huge bonuses. Create your own smart business strategy to promote your brand widely and bring profits to your customers. In addition, to attract fastidious guests, not only must the food be delicious and attractive. The space on the ship also needs to be cared for and decorated beautifully. Players are free to arrange and design everything. Bringing everyone moments of full and perfect culinary enjoyment.

Cooking Voyage mod apk

Become a talented chef

Even if you have no knowledge of cooking, don’t worry. Because the system will let players get acquainted slowly, detailed instructions on how to control. Experience from easy to difficult levels, increasing cooking skills. Just practice hard, study hard, your level will be as a talented chef. Conquer your guests with unique dishes created by yourself. Leave a deep impression that makes them fall in love with the unique flavor that is only available at your restaurant. Can participate in a weekly cooking competition. This is an opportunity to shine your talent and affirm your name in the culinary field. Attracting people from all over the world to visit, bringing in foreign currency revenue for the restaurant.

Cooking Voyage mod

Materials and tools

To create delicious dishes, fresh ingredients are indispensable. Gameplay will give players safe vegetables, meat, seafood with clear origin. So rest assured to cook, bring to customers the perfect dish from form to taste inside. Note: Do not waste materials, it will cause your achievement points to be deducted. Due to having to do all the work in the kitchen alone. Modern tools and machines are needed to help save a lot of time. Can cook multiple dishes at the same time, promptly serve all your customers.

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Cooking Voyage Mod owns 3D graphics, so all images are extremely sharp. Players can observe every scene in the gameplay with multiple perspectives. Gives the feeling of being cooked in a real restaurant, interacting with guests from all over the world. Bright and harmonious colors contribute to making the scene more vivid and beautiful. Many flashy effects appear every time the character performs a series of combos of his top cooking skills. Rich, clear sound from the slightest noise. Funny, witty background music adds to the entertainment, making people get caught up in the fast pace of work.

Cooking Voyage mod apk

The cooking game series is probably too familiar and occupies a certain place in everyone’s heart. Cooking Voyage is no exception, owning a simple gameplay, suitable for all ages. Gameplay helps players promote creativity, management, and reasonable work organization. Especially have the opportunity to become a talented chef, famous in the world. Download Cooking Voyage Mod where the passion for cooking is satisfied. Travel by your ship everywhere to discover more unique and attractive dishes.

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