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Discover the world-famous cooking game from a mobile platform as you join Michelle on her culinary adventure. Start by opening your first confectionery restaurant, giving your customers sweet and delicious treats. Pleasing every customer who loves and takes the time to improve your recipes. Expand your store business and start opening more of stock with different topics. Find out everything you need to know about this great game with our detailed reviews in the review below.

The story

In game, players will join a dedicated chef in the journey of creating a successful culinary empire. Starting with a single restaurant, since you learn more about the art of cooking, you’ll have the opportunity to open a new restaurant. Testing with various foods and having fun doing your favorite job.

Decorate your restaurant the way you like, upgrade your restaurant with new features to attract more customers. Discover the art of cooking when you’re introduced to more than 500 different recipes. Learn how to cook correctly and cook your favorite dishes to create something new.

So if you don’t know how to cook, don’t worry, the game will introduce you to a complete cooking simulator where you can learn, experience and have fun while cooking.


Here, you’ll find all the fun features the game offers:

Discover all the useful and popular ingredients

To start their cooking career, players in Cooking Fever will have the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about ingredients. Get acquainted with more than 200 different types of ingredients by learning about their taste, their uses and how to use them. Enrich your basic knowledge of cooking by spending quality time in Cooking Fever.

Collect new recipes and put them on your notes

Also, in this game, you also get to introduce diverse recipes. Get access to some of the best recipes directly from the world’s most famous kitchens. Practice cooking with more than 500 different dishes using certain ingredients. Get yourself some great dinners with your new dishes.

Time management gameplay addictive

With Cooking Fever, players are also introduced to an attractive time management gameplay where you will have to calculate time carefully. Wasting no time to take customers to their place and never let them wait too long. This epic cooking game can make you so passionate that it can’t be done when your job starts to be prosperous.

Unlock new places as you explore the art of cooking

And the best thing about Cooking Fever is that the game will introduce to gamers vast maps, where you can travel between different places.

Restaurants in the City – start conquering the City by unlocking all available restaurants. Learn how to make fast food by building your own Fast Food Estate. Sell sweets in your bakery. Learn about Chinese culture in Chinese Restaurant. Making Indian style dishes in the Indian Dinner. Sometimes going out for Pizza at a pizza shop would be a good idea. Pick up your favorite seafood at Seafood Bistro. Having some morning coffee in the Morning Cafe. Learn about Japanese cuisine from Sushi Restaurant. And lastly, taste the best food inside the Gourmet Restaurant.

Paradise Islands Restaurant – leave the city behind, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to beautiful islands. Start with your Ice Cream Bar then move to Paradise Cocktail Bar. Experience some American culture with your Corn Dog Van. Enjoy the taste of Fresh Mexicana Café. Learn about seafood in House of Crab. Spending some baking time at Sunset Waffles. Experience Asian Street Food with your Thai Food Booth. Or Westernize with Sandwich Shop. And finally, let’s get drunk in Sirtaki Taverna.

Alpine Mountain Restaurant – travel to your dream destination and start your business in the beautiful snowy mountain. Enjoy the view as you enjoy some delicious meat from Smokey Grill BBQ. Experience Italian style buffet on top of the mountain. Find yourself some greens when you come to the Salad stand. Enjoy some good Coffee at Michelle’s Café. Or taste some sweetness with Michelle’s Candy.

Playing through extremely useful levels

Gamers introduction game over 900 different levels of fun for entertaining. When you move to different locations, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the intensive gameplay it offers. Also, you can choose the right difficulty to match your current skills. Complete your levels and earn yourself valuable prizes.

Upgrade your kitchen appliances and restaurant decor

Take time to explore the intensive kitchen management gameplay as you learn how to upgrade your beautiful kitchen equipment and restaurant decorations. Unlock more cooking features and attract more customers to your restaurant. Use your creative mind with your aesthetic abilities and decorate your restaurant as you wish.

Play for free

The game is now free for all Android users to enjoy. It means you can easily download and install it on your devices. And if you’re patient enough, in-app purchases and ads won’t be much of a problem.

Discover the complete and satisfying gameplay with our mods

However, for those who want to speed up their game, we have something for you. Download and install our APK Cooking Fever Mod files on your device to unlock unlimited games as well as in-game purchases. Get whatever you want and expand your restaurant chain to the max. And the best part is you won’t have to pay anything for it.

Graphics and sound quality


Discover simple and easy to understand graphics in Cooking Fever when you’re introduced to all aspects of restaurant management. Cook delicious food and take time to enjoy your real looking food. Also, the correct cooking mechanism also makes you feel like being a real cook in a five star restaurant.

Sound / song

Enjoy peaceful and rewarding gameplay in Cooking Fever as well as listening to good soundtrack and themed music.

Download the latest APK Cooking Fever Mod for Android

For fans of cooking, Cooking Fever is not only a great place to learn about your new recipes but also the best game to enjoy the art of restaurant management. Show your customers the best dishes and make sure they come back for more good services.

Plus, with our mod version, the game will be completely free and unlocked for you to explore. Get everything you want without paying anything.

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