Coffee Craze – Barista Tycoon 1.014.001 (Unlimited Drinks) Download

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Join Coffee Craze Mod and build your cafe empire. It is a highly addictive idle simulation game that allows you to run the best coffee shops for huge profits. Just click to make the perfect coffee, then click and click more to sell and the money is automatically added to your account. Doing business and making money has never been this easy, right? But use your money wisely to maximize profits, consider upgrading staff, furniture, conveyor speed, or expanding to new areas. Don’t let any bottlenecks slow your process or keep customers waiting too long. Your drink will become more and more popular, your coffee brand will spread around the world. You’re a successful coffee entrepreneur, sounds great!

Download Coffee Craze Mod – Run a coffee shop to generate idle revenue

Become an entrepreneur who manages and runs a cafe, how do you feel? That’s the experience when you play Coffee Craze, a fun simulation game from the publisher Fiveamp. You can start it now from a small model, then grow it into a famous chain of coffee shops around the world. Level up to produce a larger number of drinks, more varieties, and the revenue increases continuously. You just sit in one place and enjoy the results, but the joy is doubled. Try some cool business strategies to shorten the growth period. You can attract new customers with new drinks, hire talented managers, upgrade production lines and add unique decorations to your store. Right now, try all of that.


Click to produce drinks and trade

The main drink in this game is coffee, a caffeinated drink loved by many young people. Let’s start a business with it according to a specific process. First, you need to unlock the processing area and hire baristas. You just need to touch the screen to motivate them to create delicious coffee. Then click to transport the coffee from the processing counter to the selling area. Keep clicking on the clerk to sell drinks to customers and collect money. This cycle goes on and on, but it’s getting better and better.

Customers will be more and more, requiring service levels to be improved. Therefore, gamers will have to consider upgrading staff and speeding up work. The key point is the processing counter, but upgrading this point while ignoring other areas will create delays. So you need to spend your money wisely to upgrade evenly, creating a smooth flow from start to finish. Don’t let your coffee stagnate in any area, including the sales area or the processing counter.


Collecting a set of super personality employee cards

Café is not the only addictive thing in Coffee Craze Mod. Because the game’s staff system is super unique, they are the thing that makes you unable to sit still. You can use gold coins, gems to unlock a series of employees in many different positions. Cool baristas, a beautiful manager, or a super cool transport robot. Each character has its own beauty and uses to add to any nook and cranny of your coffee shop. You can also upgrade them to infinity to speed up the work.

Besides the staff, you can also unlock beautiful interior decorations. Make your store look impressive and colorful to delight your customers. Especially, when expanding your brand to a new location, build a new style to diversify your experience. Creativity is unlimited.


Expand the menu with unique drink recipes

Whatever you say, the main thing in this game is coffee drinks. Over time, you will unlock dozens of attractive coffees such as cappuccino, vanilla latte, americano, iced coffee, strawberry coffee, and more. In general, there are all kinds of things in the world, and each type looks extremely attractive. The higher the grade of coffee, the higher the selling price, the more attractive the profit. But when you reach a certain level, you can unlock a new drink. At that time, you also attract many new unique customers.

If you love business, you should try Coffee Craze Mod. Let your business talent grow here, an addictive but idle simulation game. Manage your store, upgrade your staff, expand your menu, and unlock dozens of new processing zones. Don’t forget to spend your money to collect a collection of super cool characters and a bunch of cool coffee recipes. Start with a small model and enjoy the rapid growth to become the world’s leading coffee brand. Are you ready?

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