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Cluedo Mod is a game that combines two elements, including puzzle and turn-based gameplay. This is a classic mystery game. Revolving around the detective theme. With a story involving a murder in a castle. You will play as a detective or one of the castle members. With the mission to find the culprit behind, before all bad things happen again. The most prominent feature of the game is the puzzle process. The characters will pass the dice to move to the rooms. At the same time, they will talk to each other to find a way to catch the murderer of the murder. There will be suspenseful details, mixed with scary details. You can feel every time a clue is discovered. Or when learning the secret that each person in the castle wants to hide.

Download Cluedo Mod – Detective To Find The Tudor Mansion Killer

The setting of Cluedo Mod opens in a mysterious castle, named Tudor Mansion. Here a scary murder case happened. The victim is Mr. Boddy, a man who lives in a castle. No one knows the reason why. As well as not knowing the perpetrator behind the case. However, according to those present in the castle, they were convinced that the killer was still lurking here. At the same time know that there will be similar murder cases. If the culprit is not found quickly, the next victim could be one of them. In order to find the culprit, they decide to team up. With the goal of finding out the identity of the killer. Through investigations and crime scene exploration. With the desire to quickly find the culprit before more people are killed.Download Cluedo Mod

Play as one of the characters

Join the game Cluedo Mod you will play as one of six characters. Includes Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Dr. Orchid, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum. All of these characters are castle dwellers. Know about a scary murder case, due to some mysterious reason. Now, you will have to accompany the rest of the characters. Find out who is behind this scary murder case. Each character in the castle has different identities. However, each of them is hiding a secret of their own. They do not want any details to be revealed. But in the journey to find the culprit. Through conversations with each other. Details will be revealed gradually. Surely, after each person’s secret was revealed, they would feel very embarrassed.Cluedo Mod

Collect clues

The killer in Cluedo Mod hides very well. He could be one of the people living in the castle. Along with a very mysterious way of killing people. Makes it very difficult for everyone in the detective process. To be able to find the culprit, you need to search for as many clues as possible. However, the clues will not follow any rules or order. They will be discovered randomly during your journey. After collecting the clues, from direct to indirect. You need to link each chain together. Find out the secret of the killer’s murder method. At the same time, there is a chance to find out the secrets of the people in the castle who are trying to hide.Cluedo Mod

Gameplay, roll the dice

The gameplay of Cluedo Mod is turn-based. Revolving around 3 themes including who, what weapon, and where. Topics will be presented in the form of cards. Every time it’s your turn, pass the score obtained by rolling the dice. You can move to one of the rooms of the Tudor Mansion. For each position you move to, you will receive a question. Along with suggestions from one of 3 topics about who, what weapon, and where. At this point, you need to overcome the question by using your wits. Combine hints from cards and logic in each situation. Solve puzzles in the most accurate way to find clues. From there it is possible to continue the investigation to come to a final conclusion. Find the killer in the castle murder case. As well as exposing the truth to the light.Game Cluedo Mod

During the investigation to find the killer. Sometimes you will encounter difficult questions. The hint board provided by Cluedo Mod can be used. This is an interesting feature because there are highly logical questions. You can hardly overcome if you just think simply. However, using the hint panel will open up mysterious clues. Helps you focus precisely on the clues that need to be worked on. From there can shorten the time, as well as the progress will be faster. Can quickly find the killer.

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