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Rivengard – Clash Of Legends Mod is a strategic role-playing game set in a magical classic fantasy world. Join the game, you will transform into a hero and recruit new heroes yourself to form the dream team. You will lead them through the battles on the chessboard map and seek victory. It can be said that this game is an adventure journey. The further you go, the more new enemies and characters you will meet. At the same time, you have a better chance to recruit more heroes, mine resources and equipment, and explore magical lands. The strategic gameplay is very clear while the skill factor is not important anymore. So show your strategic talent in your journey against monster bosses.

Download Rivengard – Clash Of Legends Mod – Role playing, fighting, and adventure

Those are the elements that make up the story and gameplay of Rivengard. It is a new game but extremely attractive. The game context will take you to fantasy land, where bizarre monsters are trying to devour nature and people. As a hero, you won’t let that get any worse. So, you are tasked with gathering the most powerful heroes to participate in a long war against the enemy and protect world peace. The gameplay of the game focuses on typical turn-based battles where strategy is the key to victory. You do not need to learn cumbersome operations, but you must understand the battlefield and each hero at hand.


Go through typical turn-based battles

As soon as you enter the game, you can immediately join the battle. Your journey will go through many chapter-by-chapter levels in Campaign or Campaign Elite mode. You can unlock new chapters after completing the assigned tasks. Through quests, you will progress and can upgrade your hero to be ready for tough new battles in new chapters and many other modes. Besides the two aforementioned modes, you can unlock Hero and Guild Battle modes. It’s where you can compete with friends online or team up with allies to fight guilds on the global leaderboard.

During the battle, you have full control of the hero you have. Each hero has its own skills and powers. And you need to learn more about them to find ways to exploit the available power. To control any hero in your turn, you just swipe your hand on the screen. But do it wisely to assign the right position and give the hero the advantage. After your turns, you will observe the enemy’s moves. They will damage your hero squad randomly. Meanwhile, think of new movement strategies to maximize damage and minimize enemy influence. The higher the level, the more enemies there will be. The number of your heroes also increases, creating large-scale battles.


Collect and upgrade your hero collection

Rivengard – Clash Of Legends Mod gives you a very diverse collection of heroes with many different classes, typically Archers, Mage, Warriors, Monsters, and more. Each hero class will include many characters to choose from. The hero’s level is classified by the number of stars. The higher the number of stars, the stronger and more flexible the hero is. Each hero also has its own stats for Range, Movement, Health, Animal Damage, Magic Damage, and Critical Rate. You need to upgrade them to improve these stats. When advancing to a new level, the hero will gain new skills.

To upgrade, you need to unlock the hero’s equipment. The type of equipment will depend on the hero’s class and stats. At the same time, you can have your own gear integration strategies to suit your action strategy. Commonly used items include armor, hats, boots, spellbooks, wands, swords, shields, and healing items. Each hero can only equip up to 3 items. Therefore, consider finding the most suitable equipment for each person.


Beautiful effects, detailed images

The game will delight you with detailed and vivid images. It extremely sharp depiction of heroic images with diverse appearances and unique skill effects. Thanks to that, when participating on the battlefield, the heroes will bring you spectacular attacks. The battlefield context is diverse with many different locations that change randomly through levels. The enemy system is equally unique, including jungle monsters, legendary dragons, and many other bosses.

Rivengard – Clash Of Legends Mod will keep you hooked for hours of gameplay. It’s not complicated but addictive and easy to master. Plus, the exciting strategic element will keep you entertained. It is shown in how to choose heroes, control heroes on the battlefield, and upgrade and team up. Show the ultimate strategic vision to conquer all enemies and players online.

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