City Island 5 – Tycoon Building MOD APK 3.27.0 Unlimited Money

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City Island 5 (MOD, Unlimited Money) from Sparkling Society will help you fulfill your dream of building your own city. In the game, you will become the mayor of a small town on an unspoiled island with the task of modernizing your town. Build structures and organize tourism activities to attract more tourists to your city. In addition, you can also enjoy the fun by going on hot air balloons to explore new islands and expand the size of the town.

Develop Diverse And Unique Cities

Unlike regular city building games, where you only have to manage one city, City Island 5 gives you an excellent opportunity to become a talented architect with a series of towns with different characteristics to design and build. They will be scattered across the islands that you discover through hot air balloon travel, and you will have to make these cities suit the terrain and diverse characteristics of these islands.

A building in the city is all the result of your creativity as they require independent features and designs. With the fantastic interactive element of the game, you can tour the neighboring cities of your neighbors or invite them to tour your town to socialize and learn different styles of city building. From there, you will discover helpful knowledge to contribute to the expansion and quality of your city.

Become A Talented Architect

As the chief architect and mayor of the city, you will be busy with a lot of work to develop future projects. Build buildings like cafes, hotels, restaurants, or malls to modernize your city. In addition, you can also enjoy the mini-games included in those works to minimize boredom during the construction process.

With more than 200 plots of land that need you to build buildings and nine different islands, the game’s world is enormous for you to explore. The more structures you create and attract tourists, the more outstanding features you’ll unlock. Those are treasure chests where you can find money, experience, and special materials for you to level up and upgrade buildings.

Be patient with the tasks in the game because planning a large city is not a problem in the short term. However, when you have reached the final step, the results you get back will be excellent and clearly show your style.

Fun Graphics And Sounds

Creative graphics are the main attraction for players in this game. Bright colors and vivid scenes will make cities more realistic than ever, so you can freely look at them and try to build them to be even more beautiful.

In addition, the sound in the game is quite funny, and it is very suitable for the bustling life in the cities outside the island. Each different island will have its own soundtrack, making it easy to recognize the unique style of each island to build them accordingly.

Download City Island 5 Apk + Mod for android

City Island 5 is an excellent city-building game with sharp graphics and vivid sound. Besides, many attractive rewards await you to unlock after passing many different levels and making your city crowded. If you are interested in this game, download the MOD APK version to enjoy unlimited coins and diamonds and use them to fill the plots with the most modern buildings quickly.

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