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If you are looking for a fun shooting game, you can try Chicken Gun Mod right away. It brings a new breath to the online survival shooter genre, where you will be an aggressive chicken with the ability to shoot, drive, … Join the game and choose your favorite mode, including Team battle mode or competitive all mode. Every mode is full of fun because of the funny moves of the chickens. Moreover, you can customize your rooster with a variety of unique items from weapons to costumes. Your chicken even owns a collection of super cool vintage cars and more. Move freely on the map and finish your enemies to be the best chicken. Do not miss the real survival battles between players so as not to miss the opportunity to hunt for precious rewards and improve the ranking.

Download Chicken Gun Mod – Funny survival shooting gameplay

Many survival games today always promote a realistic fighting style, but Chicken Gun is the opposite. Instead of bringing battles that are too strict and high on achievements, it was born mainly to create fun for gamers. It is designed with a super funny cartoon style, plus eye-catching movements and effects of chickens. However, the survival gameplay remains the same, creating both fun and attractive battles. It also connects many players together to create interactivity. You can team up to fight or play alone as you like. But have a good plan to raid enemies or attack directly without losing HP.


Fight with many other chickens online

Join the game, you will have two options, one is a solo mode to compete with all and the other is a 5v5 team mode. If you play alone, your mission is to destroy all the other chickens to be the last one standing. Meanwhile, if playing in team mode, your team must get the number of kills before the enemy team to win. In general, any mode is fun, but team mode is more fun because you can play with friends. Furthermore, you will have to show teamwork and the ability to coordinate with others. It’s different from when you play alone, just take care of yourself.

Besides, to master the battlefield, you need to master the controls in the game. Basically, it is also quite simple and familiar. You will move your chicken with the joystick and shoot the gun with the button on the right side of the screen. Besides, there will be other buttons to change ammo, use grenades, run fast, and more. Let’s combine these operations together in a reasonable way to make the most of your capacity. In some situations, you will have to run instead of directly confronting others. Or you will have to consider using grenades instead of guns or stopping at the right time to change ammo.


Customize and upgrade your chickens

The item system in Chicken Gun Mod will make you fall in love. It is really diverse when it includes dozens of different types. Specifically, it includes guns, cars, hats, shoes, eyes, masks, horses, and more. In each category, there will be dozens of other options for you to equip the fighting cock. With such a huge collection, you can freely create your own style for your character. You can turn him into a super cool cop or a pirate, an ancient warrior, or a rapper guy.

Besides, if you need to travel far, choose any means of transport. You will have a collection of supercars with hundreds of models from classic to modern, plus other vehicles such as horses or even airplanes and helicopters. Depending on the situation, you can choose the appropriate means, both to experience and to serve the battle plan.


Simple but fun 3D graphics

Although not comparable to many outstanding survival games today, Chicken Gun’s graphic style also makes a good impression. It is designed with lovely images in cartoon style. In particular, the image of war chickens will make you obsessed with their funny faces and smooth and super cute movements. In addition, the game context is also quite large, including many types of houses, gardens, jungles, … These will affect your strategy in each battle. Make effective use of the terrain to deploy your battle plans.


Chicken Gun Mod will be an interesting choice to replace other outstanding survival games. It is full of the most attractive elements to give you the perfect experience. Fast-paced shooting gameplay, many attractive modes, fun images, and rich inventory of items. What could be better, right? Then download the game to your phone and play now to join the battle with your friends around the world.

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