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Cheech and Chong Bud Farm Mod is an interesting simulation game from the publisher LDRLY Games – a studio specializing in the development of weed games. It’s not surprising that this time, they bring a game with the theme of marijuana and drugs. But it has a humorous and satirical style that will help you have a good time. Joining the game, you will play the two main characters and accompany them throughout the experience. Your mission is to help them build a weed city in a small village. You need an effective financial management strategy to own a luxurious life without being caught.

Download Cheech and Chong Bud Farm Mod – Join Cheech and Chong’s adventure

The game story begins when you play as Cheech and Chong – two unemployed youths who have just moved to Hierba Verde. This is a small town but full of potential for cannabis. So Cheech and Chong just came up with an idea to make money and get rich from this weed. They need your help to turn the small town into a cannabis empire. You will also get help from the villagers in the village, as long as you please them. Take the time to build structures, weed areas, and more. You will get bargains from this fertile land.


Build a weed empire from zero

At the beginning of the game, you only have a few dollars and a bag full of seeds. You will get help from local businesses to start building and making more money. You can start by building a small building. This construction will continuously generate profits over time. Just like that, it will help you earn more money to build new buildings. Moreover, you can even open a cannabis farm in this town. But things are not as simple as you think.

When Cheech and Chong engage in illegal business, they run into various problems. Most typically, they face investigations from the police. Next, Stadanko is a guy who always wants to put them in jail. Therefore, you need to help them pass the polls. The best way is to use bribes or rely on the townspeople. Besides, financial management is equally important. You need to know how to spend wisely on building, upgrading, unlocking characters, buying seeds, and many other things.


Unlock new characters

Cheech and Chong Bud Farm Mod bring a very diverse character system. They could be townspeople or anyone who just moved here. Each will have unique skills, personalities, and stories. As a result, the game’s original story expands and becomes more varied as the level progresses. In each level, you can only unlock a few characters. It could be a doctor, nun, photographer, merchant, businessman, researcher, and more.

Discovering these characters also gives you endless fun. You can witness interesting conversations between them when meeting on the street. Anyone can become a valuable assistant to Cheech and Chong. Your job is to discover and coordinate work for them to manage your empire. They can work at your hospital, store, and weed farm. As you make a lot of money from the weed empire, don’t forget to upgrade and unlock more new characters.


Unlimited upgrades

This game has no development level limit so you can upgrade freely. The higher the level, the more new content is unlocked from new characters to new varieties of weeds. In other words, your empire-building won’t stop. You will make huge profits from this town. You will even make it the richest town. Don’t forget to unlock unique costumes for your character. Customize their look for each highlight event in town.


Funny design, playful background music

You will find endless comfort when experiencing this game. That’s thanks to its humorous design style. Most of the images in the game are designed in cartoon style. The character system is very diverse and fun. Each has its own beauty and personality, making for the variety in your story. Moreover, the town scene will become more and more crowded as the level gets higher. You will enjoy its development on the vibrant music background. Enjoy that relaxing feeling!

Don’t hesitate to download Cheech and Chong Bud Farm Mod. This game will bring you the most amazing adventure. Play as two super funny main characters, you will have dozens of stories to explore. Moreover, you will accompany them in the process of building a cannabis empire. Help them overcome challenges and become rich. They will have a high life thanks to your wisdom.

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