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Cat Jump Mod is an addictive and easy-to-play arcade game. It brings you to a world dedicated to cats, especially dancing cats. Your task is to control your cat to jump and stick to the wall as long as possible. The height you jump will determine your score. Not only can you play alone, but you can also compete with your friends online. Challenge other cats to a 1v1 race to see who jumps higher. There is no limit on altitude or time. The only limit lies in your control skills. Jump, grab, slide, and even fly your way to becoming the champion cat of the high jump tournament.

Download Cat Jump Mod – Endless high jump competition for cats

This game is indeed the most interesting place for those who love cats. It is a pixel world of cats and has fun dance competitions. Join the game, you can participate in the career of a cat athlete. Your goal is to be the champion of every high jump tournament. The game has two main modes for you to do this, which are normal mode and PvP. In normal mode, you will play alone and must try to score the highest score. Meanwhile, the PvP mode is a competition for 2 cats. You will randomly pair up with another online cat to compete. You must overcome your opponent to win. In particular, every mode comes with an attractive reward system.


Show your ingenuity

Participate in the contest, your job is to click on the screen to control your cat. But you have to do it very cleverly so that the cat can stick to the wall and serve as a platform to jump higher. If you want to jump more than once, just tap the screen multiple times. However, you need to pay attention to the obstacles on the way. It can be spiked wheels, sharp arrows, sparks, time portals, and even enemies. You will have to overcome these obstacles with your ingenuity. If you collide with them, your cat will fall and everything will start from zero.

Thus, it can be seen that playing this game is not difficult. But you will need to practice it for a long time to really master all your manipulations. You must align the jump force and jump direction appropriately to avoid a collision. At the same time, you must stick to the wall in the right position to create a fulcrum for the next jump. Besides, you won’t have too much time to wait. If you hit the wall for more than 1 second, you will fall right down. So this game is the best way to train your reflexes and agility. Try to conquer the record milestones in this game and on the online leaderboards.


Unlock new cats and bosses

Cat Jump Mod brings a world of cats with dozens of different species. You can find cats in many unique skins with impressive skills. It can be an ebony cat, knight cat, princess cat, boxer cat, and more. You can unlock new cats after reaching certain levels. Besides cats, you will meet many funny enemies on your jumping journey. It’s called Boss and can be ninjas, superheroes, robots, giants, shadow cats… They will hinder your journey by chasing you from behind or greeting you right in front of you. Get ready to fight them back.


The scene is diverse and lively

Despite the simple and fixed gameplay, this game will make you feel new thanks to the new content. Besides the rich cat and boss system, the game also has different contexts. You can jump high on any background, be it a city, a jungle, a park, a dungeon, and more. The freshness of the scene will inspire your endless journey. Furthermore, the context automatically changes dynamically after a number of levels. You don’t need to spend money to unlock them.


Lovely pixel animation design

The world of cats is depicted on the basis of 2D pixel graphics. It creates the intimacy and friendliness necessary for everyone to be able to access the game. Besides, the pictures of the cats look downright adorable. There are dozens of cat species with unique skins and smooth movements. The experience context is always filled with bright colors. Along with that, music with soothing and playful melodies will help you relax. Everything is very impressive to keep you in the long run.

All in all, Cat Jump Mod is a lovely and fun arcade action title. It will make you excited with the high jump levels of cats. You only need to touch the screen to jump, but is everything that simple? Hundreds of obstacles and many enemies will stand in your way. Conquer them all to score many glorious feats in this game.

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