Cat Force 0.48.0 (Unlimited Energy, BOOSTER)

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Cat Force Mod is a puzzle game published by Playtika. This is an attractive match-3 PvP puzzle game. Take players into battle with other online opponents. Unite with the cat warriors in the puzzle process. Defeat other players in PvP battles. Also, get noble medals to become a Battlegrounds legend. The game offers a series of attractive features for you to explore. Ranking the world’s best puzzle players tournaments. Real-time PvP game mode. Dramatic online battles. Along with many events taking place every day. Combine with support items that can be used during the puzzle. Along with effects and vivid 3D graphics.

Download Cat Force Mod – Battle Between Cat Warriors With Dark Henchmen

Cat Force Mod’s mission system is played out according to each level of play. At each level that takes place, your mission is to accompany the cat warriors. With the goal of attacking the shadow minions, it is the army of dark cats. By matching 3 warriors cats of the same color become. Each level will have its own conditions and requirements you need to fulfill. The gameplay in the higher levels will be more complicated and difficult. Not only the number of dark minions is more than before. But also appear more objects in different positions. Make it difficult to solve the puzzle. For example in some difficult levels, the cat warriors are being held. Limit your puzzle range. At this point, you need to unlock, through the process of combining non-captive cat warriors. From there, it is possible to attack the force of the dark cat.Cat Force Mod

Style play

The gameplay of Cat Force Mod is similar to other match-3 puzzle games. You have a limited number of combinations, depending on the level. After each turn of the cat warriors, they will rush to the location of the dark cat force to attack. Causing them to drain their life force. Based on the number of matching cat warriors. The more the number, the greater the damage done. From there, you can defeat an entire force of shadow minions in puzzle battles. Complete the mission excellently to get the cat medal. Up to 3 medals can be obtained in one level of play. Also, get the gold coins based on the score achieved.Download Cat Force Mod

PvP match-3 competitive mode

Enter Battlegrounds’ PvP online competitive mode. You will be participating in real-time match-3 puzzle levels. Compete against other online players. With turn-based gameplay, you and your opponent will take turns solving puzzles every time it is your turn. After the match ends, based on the number of points achieved to find out the winner. To become a match-3 puzzle master. You need to create attack combos of cat warriors. From there, you can defeat your opponent convincingly. There is a chance to get a lot of valuable rewards.Ear Cat Force Mod

Stunning 3D graphics and effects, sounds

Cat Force Mod is designed graphically in 3D. Image quality is sharp, with bright and vivid color schemes. Combined with stunning 3D effects every time you use the rocket. Or through the process of combining cat warriors. You can notice their movement when attacking. Not stopping there, the environment is lively, taking place in many different contexts. Through the playing levels, the environment will be changed. Helps you not to be bored after previous match-3 puzzle wars. In addition, sound is also a factor that makes players feel excited. The cries of the cat warriors when attacking. Interspersed with vibrant music melodies throughout the battle.

Use rockets

In the course of the puzzle levels of the game Cat Force Mod. You can use rockets to accelerate. Attack the shadow minions. The game has many different types of rockets for you to collect and unlock. Each type of rocket not only assists you in the puzzle process. Their impressive effects will help you feel even more excited.Game Cat Force Mod

Besides the game levels and online PvP match-3 mode. Cat Force Mod also provides additional daily events. Features such as the legendary hunt, the Frenzy medal, the color explosion, and many more quests. Complete daily tasks and events in turn. Conquer levels in a series of puzzle quests. Simultaneously win PvP online wars. You will get a lot of cat medals. From there, it is possible to increase the rank according to each level, from bronze to grandmaster. Gradually climb up the legendary Battlegrounds rank.

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