Captain Tsubasa ZERO – Miracle Shot Mod APK 2.5.3 (Menu, Weak Enemies, High Player Stats)

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Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod is a sports game genre published by GMO GP, Inc. Players will step into dramatic ball games, with fiery balls and experience unforgettable moments. Inspired by the famous Japanese lawn legend Anime movie. You will discover the top matches on your device, with the task of controlling the players to win against other rival teams. Currently, the game is developed based on IOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access. And free to download on the App Store and Google Play apps, on the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted millions of downloads and lots of reviews. Besides, the high-status Mod feature will help you have the most interesting experience.

Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO – Join the Ultimate Ball Game in Anime Style

By joining Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod, the player will become a child soccer player, possessing the skills of passing people, leading the ball to finish with a very strong shot force. You will have to lead your team to overcome all opponents and win the final victory, to become the defending champion of the tournament. Besides, football is a team that participates, so the tactical factor and the good combination between teammates are extremely important. During the match, the players will run, shoot, move and pass the ball to each other. Your task is to arrange the formation and change tactics, between different times such as attacking or defending, or sometimes a quick counterattack.Game Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod

Interesting gameplay

Besides, there will be interesting finishing skills, giving players a sense of excitement during the game of Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod. Despite all the laws of physics, when using the skill Miracle Shot, allowing the player to finish from a distance with a force as strong as a cannon shot at the enemy. Or at the right time, you can use Twin Shot, where the player can perform a powerful double shot, by selecting two people to execute the shot at the same time. Although it is a football game, the game still combines simulation elements with interesting skills in Anime. Help players feel more interesting, as well as create a different and unique point for the game.Tai Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod

Complete mission

As a sports game genre, so the players will be the main characters of the game Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod. Not only having a good strategy, but players also need to own quality players to be effective in the match. For example, if you use a striker with poor stamina and finishing, it will be easy for the opposing defender to steal the ball and easily neutralize the shot by the goalkeeper. So you need to develop your players to be better, by upgrading your players. However, to do that, you need to have some money to use. Money is earned from matches that you win or complete game missions.Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod

Character upgrade

To increase the ability of your players, Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod provides you with three ways to upgrade including Training, Evolution, and Enhancement.

  • The first is the Training feature: get your players involved in special training courses. Here the system will consider the positions of each player such as defender, goalkeeper, striker, winger. Next, you need to use money and necessary items, to serve the upgrade process. They are collected from the matches you have completed or used the money to buy.
  • The second is the Evolution feature: Each player displays their own number of stars, up to a maximum of 5 stars. However, most of the players you get will only have 2 to 3 stars. Therefore, you need to upgrade to help the players increase their ability in the game.
  • The third is the Enhancement feature: Each player will have a maximum level of 70. To upgrade you just need to click the button with the Enhancement icon, but this feature requires your player to be level enough and Rank.

Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod

Card System

Besides, Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod also has another interesting feature, which is the card system. They help your players create Skill Power, based on the information on the card, the higher the score, the stronger the player’s ability and your appearance on the field. Each card will have different scores and skills, helping you increase the strength of the team’s players. For example, the Wild Shot card, which helps the striker increase his ability to shoot, and the direction of the ball will be difficult to determine. Or the Skillful Save card, which helps your goalkeeper increase his accuracy and judgment, as well as quick movements and high reflexes.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Captain Tsubasa ZERO, players will experience the exciting high stat feature. This feature gives your players formidable stats and helps the team easily win in dramatic matches. Besides, players will enjoy sharp 3D graphics, in Anime style. Along with detailed character designs, backgrounds, and vivid colors, it will make you feel closer and more excited when playing. Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod to experience the ultimate soccer game, with the goal of leading your team to become the champion of every tournament.

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