Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK 1.91.3 (Unlimited Lives, Moves) Download

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Are you ready to start an adventure in the candy kingdom? With hundreds of different tasks waiting to be done. Through the game levels of the game Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod. This is a game of the Casual genre. Built gameplay based on match-3 puzzle theme. With a series of attractive features waiting for you to discover. Get to meet your companions during the puzzle. Enjoy sweet candies in the enchanting candy kingdom. In particular, the game can be synchronized with the user device, by connecting to the network. However, the game is free to experience. But optional items appearing in the game will require payment. Not stopping there, an attractive reward system will be received after each level of play.

Download Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod – Match-3 Puzzle To Save Creatures

Hundreds of match-3 style puzzle levels are waiting for you to conquer. Based on the attractive gameplay of the game Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod. Your task is to switch and match the candies. Create a minimum combination of 3 or more of the same type. Each level of play will have a limited number of puzzles. At the same time, there are different conditions that need to be fulfilled. For example, collect the required amount of candy. Puzzle to save the quails. Or unleash the chocolate chip cookies, and rescue the octopus and the mammoth. Through each level play to complete the mission. After winning a level will get rewards. Get a chance to meet new friends who will join you on a puzzle adventure.Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

Achievements are shown by the number of stars

The achievements of each level in Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod are shown by the number of stars. To get the best results, it is necessary to get the maximum number of stars. Go through your puzzle numbers and combinations to create combos. Collect more candies, the score will constantly increase. At the same time, each star will correspond to a certain number of points. Try to complete the task with as few puzzles as possible. After that, the remaining number of puzzles will be automatically used by the system to solve the puzzle. With combos to collect large amounts of candy. Help high achievement score. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the skill at each level later. Observe the candies to find the best puzzle method. Combine with special candies and use support items to be effective.Game Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

The increasing difficulty, overlay

In the early levels of the game, Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod is quite simple. The required condition is very easy. You can do puzzle activities to quickly complete the task. Then can continue the adventure to a new level. The difficulty will gradually increase each time you go to the next level. The candies will be covered with a layer of ice. Or two layers of ice with dense thickness. Makes solving puzzles even more difficult. Because frozen candies cannot move to combine. That means you will have few options to solve the puzzle. However, after each candy puzzle, the ice will gradually melt. Apply skills acquired from previous levels. Gradually, you can conquer difficult levels.Tai Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

Use special candies

During the implementation of the puzzle activities of Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod. You can create special candies by combining 4 or 5 candies of the same type. Then use them to combine with another candy of the same type the next time. From there can collect all candies in vertical or horizontal rows. There is also a special candy with the ability to create an explosion. Help you collect a large number of candies within a certain explosion range. Furthermore, use multi-colored spheres. Combined with another type of candy will collect an entire candy that appears on the chessboard. Besides, after each collection of 10 red candies. You will get 3 fish. In the next combination, they will move to break the ice or other mantle.Download Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod

Go through the levels in the match-3 puzzle adventure of Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod. You will have the opportunity to meet fun friends. They will accompany you during the puzzle. Typical such as Yeti, Nutcracker, Misty, and Tiffy,… Each character has an impressive appearance style. Designed as an interesting animation. Also, you can customize the character in the sticker book. Choose unique outfits to increase your prominence. Help them become more impressive in the next levels.

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