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Call of Duty: Mobile will literally be one of the few games you'll be satisfied with.
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Android is definitely a great platform for developers to showcase their new games, especially games involving multiple touch screen manipulations like FPS. In saying so, more and more gamers are looking for a good game title to enjoy on their devices.

However, it’s not easy to find a suitable game as the saturated Android game market. Therefore, you will have difficulty finding a title that truly stands out compared to others.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APk 3

Saying so, Call of Duty: Mobile will literally be one of the few games you’ll be satisfied with. Learn all about this incredible mobile fps game and see if it’s good for you with our review.

The story

As the army’s most elite soldier group, perform dangerous tasks and complete it in style, you’ll experience the most role-playing FPS gameplay with Call of Duty Mobile. The fictional battlefield game, in which you as an elite member of special forces, must give your best and complete the difficult tasks requested by your superiors.

Take advantage of your incredible skills and abilities, strive to be the best in the Call of Duty world. When you go further, you’ll learn about secrets you never knew would exist. Discover the best shooting games on Android devices.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APk 2


In general, you’ll find Call of Duty Mobile quite different from other FPS games on modtip. It offers a sharpening gameplay with realistic experiences like no other. You’ll be playing true Call of Duty from the original creators of Activision Publishing. Learn all about this incredible game on mobile with our review:

Experience the panel-like gameplay with iconic play modes

Fans of the famous FPS series will have the opportunity to replay some of the most iconic maps and games from all games in the series. This includes features from the original Modern Warfare games as well as the more recent CoD: Black Ops series.

In addition, players will be able to face intensive and entertaining multiplayer battles. Experience CoD’s crazy game with your friends whenever you’re ready. And since this is a relatively new game with a few updates, more new content is expected to be introduced in the future. So you’ll be able to access more and more game modes with future updates. Not to mention that Battle Royale FPS lovers will expect a new game mode anytime.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APk 4

Compete with others in online game modes

And the best thing about Call of Duty Mobile is that the game will have online games, not only allow you to play with your friends via local network but also players from all over the world. Therefore, it will be fun to be able to compete and showcase your skills with other practical players.

In saying so, you will have Ranked Mode with competitive battles that determine your current position in the Global Rank System. Or if you prefer collaborative experience, you can go to multiplayer matches with your friends and members, compete with other teams and win incredible prizes when you’re in action you get it.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APk 5

Unlock unique customization

Since you’ll be playing online with millions of other players, it would be great if your character was decorated with style customizations so you can stand out compared to other mediocre players.

And what could be more suitable for a new character, weapon or custom costume?

You can buy these customs with your own money or complete tasks, challenges or tasks to earn these items. However, you will be happy with these customizations.

Optimized for mobile control

Most FPS players who are familiar with PC control systems or dashboards may not like playing their favorite games on Android devices. And the main reason is because most FPS games on Android platforms don’t come with a comfortable control which makes it less interesting.

However, that’s not the case of the new Call of Duty for mobile devices. With this game, you’ll have access to the most optimized control system for your smartphone. Developers did a great job using the touch screen well. In saying so, you can comfortably experience the shooting game without being limited by awkward controls.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APk 6

Graphics and sound quality


Incredible visual game; you’ll experience a great 3 D graphics like a PC game. Above all, precision physics allows you to take precision jumps, targets and fires. You’ll even get startled after shooting from your gun. And most importantly, despite being equipped with detailed graphics, the game is still extremely smooth with no recorded twitch or lag phenomenon.

Sound of the song

As you’d expect from the best FPS series in the world, Call of Duty Mobile has incredible sound effects that make you feel like you’re in the middle of the battlefield. Gun fights, explosions, and more, all too honest.

Also, arched sound technology allows players to hear sounds coming from all directions. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a richer experience with Call of Duty Mobile.

The last thought

One thing to note is whether you’re playing online modes or offline campaigns, you still need to connect to the Internet. This is because the game requires internet connection to store your data on a cloud drive. Therefore, it is a bit annoying, however, you will never lose your data even if you transfer your phone.

Call of Duty Mobile is definitely a great game title for FPS fans looking for a more mobile experience. Install it and you can freely explore the amazing world of FPS games.

How to install Call of Duty Mobile APK with OBB data files

APK install it on your device.
Unload OBB files to / Android / obb / com. activision. callofduty. shooter. Make sure OBB files ( activision. callofduty. shooter. obb) in com folder. activision. callofduty. shooter.
Restart the game. Enjoy!

Download the latest APK Call of Duty Mobile for Android

Any Android device using Android 4.0.3 or more can download and install this game. You can start by visiting and search the keyword ′′ Call of Duty Mobile APK ′′ in the game list.
NOTE: You will have to use VPN as servers are open in certain countries. Try connecting with ′′ India ′′ because users have reported it works. VPN’S: ExpressVPN, FlyVPN, VPNHub.

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