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Are you interested in the life of a bus driver? Would you like to explore and experience this special lifestyle by becoming an actual bus driver? And at the same time feel like taking a tour across the beautiful country of Indonesia? After that, you will surely find this new and exciting mobile title of Bus Simulator Indonesia extremely interesting.

Get on your favorite buses and experience the unique and exciting gameplay of Bus Simulator Indonesia, where you will have the opportunity to be a full-time bus driver in the great Indonesian country. Discover intensive and beautiful gameplay as you explore the stunning and iconic views of the country while also being a bus driver.

Learn more about this great mobile game from Maleo with our reviews on Bus Simulator Indonesia.

The story

The game is the last bus driver simulator for any of you who want to visit Indonesia and experience the unique life of a bus driver, in this beautiful country. Get on the bus when you pick up and return to guests at each station. Have fun on real and accurate roads with crowded traffic. At the same time, enjoy your wonderful trip on various vehicles.

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves working and playing as a full-time bus driver by joining a series of different in-game challenges. Start by following the current driving rules of the country. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy unique and exciting experiences while driving through iconic locations across the country. Enjoy a visit to your country by driving through different locations. Experience true Indonesia in this amazing bus simulator.

Featured characteristics

Here, you’ll find all the fun features the game offers:

Simple and intuitive controls to get you started

To start off, Android players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will find themselves accessible to great in-game experiences as they deepen into an exciting driving simulator. Feel free to board any bus and quickly get acquainted with its control as you enjoy easy and intuitive car control.

Use touch controls as you guide your bus through the beautiful roads of Indonesia. Or enjoy practical controls with pedals, gear controls and accessible wheels. Great in-game controllers that will help you get started on your preferred approaches.

And for those you care about, the game also has different angles for you to enjoy. Start with a third person view as you observe the bus and the road from above. Players in Bus Simulator Indonesia can enjoy a great game by entering the cockpit. Watch the road ahead and the passengers sitting in the back seat. It will definitely make you feel like you’re actually driving your own bus.

Visit the country through many true cities and locations

To make the game more interesting, the gamer in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find himself approaching the beautiful cities of Indonesia. In saying so, you can go deep into the actual bus driving experience, where you’ll take a bus across the country.

Discover and experience beautiful cities, each one prides itself with beautiful views, iconic locations and an advanced road system for you to enjoy. Stopped at the station to get customers down and new ones up. It feels like you’re actually driving your own bus. In addition, authentic and practical cities will also allow you to visit the country for one last tour without going anywhere.

Legit Indonesian bus with realistic design and depth

Furthermore, when you immerse yourself in a great bus simulator, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves approached with the realistic Indonesian Buses, each has a unique and interesting design my own. Go on great cars with true design and setting. Experience the work of a bus driver from many aspects as you board these unique vehicles.

Stunning map with precision design and practical elements

And for those you care about, you’ll definitely find the beautiful maps in the game pretty awesome. Feel free to deep into in-game traffic with realistic construction works, complete traffic light systems and signs, along with more street traffic whenever you ride on buses my favorite. Intelligent AI will allow other vehicles to operate just like on the actual streets. Furthermore, the Intuitive Weather system will make your trips more realistic and enjoyable as dynamic weather allows you to completely dive into great in-game maps.

Feel free to customize your trip

To make the game more interesting, the gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves having access to the intensive bus customization available in the game. Feel free to jump on your favorite cars and install them all kinds of fun customization.

Start by new paint, customizing your car parts, adding certain graphics, calligraphy, etc. You are allowed to personalize your trips the way you want in the game. Even go with the extreme by equipping all the fun LED lights and customizations when you move.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade your bus to provide a better experience for passengers and drivers. Comfortable to upgrade the chair, increase the power of the engine, change the new tire, etc.

Amazing, interesting and iconic hose

And to make the game even more, the gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves approached with interesting gameplay where you can access your interesting cars. And most importantly, you can entertain with ′′ Om Telolet Om!”, The famous Internet sensation you can actually enjoy.

Enjoy as little advertisement as possible

With Bus Simulator Indonesia, Android gamers will also find themselves unbothered by annoying ads. That means, the less advertisement game is better. Therefore, you will not find it difficult to enjoy the game to the fullest. And most importantly, there won’t be any obstructive ads blocking your vision or interrupting you during the game.

Connect to your Google Play Service account for unlockable content

For those you’re interested, you can also connect the game to Google Play Services and unlock new content. Meaning, you can easily find new ways to play in the Rankings, where you’ll compete against top riders nationwide. Complete your in-game challenges at your best and get the highest score as you progress. In addition, with online saves available, you can also safely save your progress and easily synchronize that progress between your devices. Have never seen Bus Simulator Indonesia so interesting and convenient.

Build and customize your own 3 D car model

And last but not least important, to make the game more interesting, the gamer in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find himself accessing the vast and interesting gameplay with an interesting in-game mod system. With it, you’ll be able to ride on all kinds of interesting 3 D models and explore Indonesian streets in various aspects. Start with many interesting 3 D models as you progress.

Play for free

For those of you who didn’t know, the game is now free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. So you can download and install the game from Google Play Store for free.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

And if you find the game a bit annoying by in-game advertising and buying, then you can totally eliminate these by switching to our revised version of the game. Enjoy epic trips and explore the beautiful country of Indonesia while having unlimited access to unlimited money, experience no ads, etc. The game is completely unlocked and free for you to enjoy.

Graphics and sound quality


For those interested, Bus Simulator Indonesia provides an accurate and rich visual experience that will surely satisfy you. That says, you’ll definitely find beautiful cars, deep road construction, accurate traffic and complete weather is absolutely amazing. And most importantly, practical physics will surely make you feel like you’re really driving in real life.

Sound of the song

With a powerful and impactful sound experience, Bus Simulator Indonesia presents Android gamers with interesting bus simulator that you will surely enjoy. That means, the exact sound effects will make you feel present throughout your journey. And relaxing music definitely makes things a lot more interesting. Not to mention that you will also have access to unique radio and music in the game, which will introduce you to Indonesian culture.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK free for Android

Famous Bus Simulator 2017 fans will surely find themselves enjoying this new and exciting gameplay by Bus Simulator Indonesia. With it, you’ll have the chance to deepen into a brand new game with authentic Indonesian buses as well as country visits when you’re on the go. And most importantly, unlocked and free gameplay is sure to satisfy even the most suspicious gamers.

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