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Bulu Monster is the most loved role-playing game of the publisher Sigma Game Limited. Launched nearly 10 years ago, the gameplay is constantly changing, updating with many new features. In order to keep a large number of players through the ages. Attractive role-playing gameplay, adventure on a large map and fight and destroy all monsters. You will play the role of a talented animal trainer. If you have ever played pokemon-themed games, you will find this gameplay is not difficult to play at all. The player can even skip the system’s tutorial screen. It’s okay to start the fight right away if you’ve already mastered the gameplay. The battle map in Bulu Monster is quite special. There are many paths you can take. On each road, you will face many different types of monsters. Use your pet’s special skills to defeat them. The battle is taking place continuously according to the arrangement of the system. Players must always be in a state of readiness to fight and conquer challenges.

Download Bulu Monster Mod – Become a great monster trainer

When participating in Bulu Monster Mod daily, the system will give you tasks and requirements that must be completed that day to receive rewards. Thousands of difficult challenges, challenge your talent, fighting will. After completing each assigned task, you will receive 1 amount of Bulu Point. Surely you don’t know what this is, right? Bulu Point is the only currency in this gameplay used to buy weapons, items, etc… The special thing about Bulu Monster that is different from other role-playing gameplay is about the character. The characters you can use are not heroes, warriors, ironmen, etc…. It’s the very scary monsters. Train your beast to become stronger, bigger to join the fight with other enemies. They have a pretty cute shape, beautiful and especially very friendly, easy to tame.

Bulu Monster mod apk

Quest System

Tasks will be categorized by page. At the end of each page, you will come to a series of new challenges. When experiencing, I find the difficulty level of the tasks in Bulu Monster Mod is quite low. You can easily complete it without anyone’s instructions. The gameplay and content are simple so that players can discover and entertain themselves. Keep an eye out for the NPC section in the lobby, which gives you information about the location of the treasure. Those are all important things you need to know to be able to solve puzzles and complete tasks easily.

Bulu Monster mod hack game


In the shop, there are items, weapons, and equipment needed for the battle. Monsters are also for sale here. The selling price will range from 800 – 1300 Bulu Point/head. There are many special medicines available in the store. Each type has a different use and function. Can help increase the monster’s power, stronger defense or fast movement speed, increase HP, increase stamina, etc… Along with many other drugs with other features. When you want to buy monsters, pay attention to the number of stars on their heads. The more stars, the greater the attack, defense, and power.

Ear game Bulu Monster mod apk


More than 150 different species for you to capture and choose to train. For the first time, the monster became the main character, close to humans. Join the players to join the fight. This special thing has made players feel very excited, want to experience the feeling of watching something interesting. Appearance is designed quite detailed, meticulous, higher perfection. No longer rough, creepy, scary like before. In the process of fighting, they will increase to a higher level, the indicators of skill, strength, and physical strength. Try to upgrade skills to level 10. That’s the maximum, strongest level.

Beautiful graphics

Build beautiful character images, sharp in every detail, high definition. The monsters that appeared were not scary at all. On the contrary, it also leaves players with many good impressions, extremely cute and friendly appearance. The graphics of Bulu Monster Mod are considered to be more advanced than the famous Pokemon training games. Visual effects, extremely smooth motion effects. Bringing you a wonderful experience.

Game Bulu Monster mod

Bulu Monster gives players a feeling of being closer to the monsters. Start your adventure in the fantasy world. Train monsters to engage in combat. Game modes are extremely diverse, with many interesting and attractive things for you to experience. Compete for the position of the best animal trainer in PvP mode. Download Bulu Monster Mod the most worth playing pet role-playing game for android.

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