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Come to Bubble Pop Origin Mod to participate in the balloon shooting game. You will discover mysterious caves, containing many valuable treasures. This is a game in the puzzle category. Played in offline mode. You can completely experience it for free anywhere. No need to connect to the network like other online puzzle games. Just download to your device to start playing. Although it’s free, there will be some items that need to be paid for during the game. At the same time, the game contains the publisher’s ads. However, that does not affect your experience too much. Besides, unique features are provided. Promises to make you feel interesting with the gameplay of shooting balloons.

Download Bubble Pop Origin Mod – Balloon Shooting Style Puzzle Game

Similar to other puzzle games on the gaming market. The mission system of Bubble Pop Origin Mod is also played according to the level of play. Hundreds of levels in ascending order are provided by the publisher. Bringing you great experiences, with many different emotions. Along with that are interesting challenges. Claim your puzzle skills, through shooting balloons. After completing the mission of a level play. Will get a lot of interesting parts that can be used in the next levels. At the same time, the achievement is shown by the number of stars, up to 3 stars in a level. Each star will correspond to a certain number of points. Continuing to start a new level, the difficulty of the task is increased. The challenge will be more difficult, the required condition is higher than before.Bubble Pop Origin Mod

Collect balloons, a limited number of turns

As introduced earlier. The gameplay of Bubble Pop Origin Mod is designed in the style of shooting balloons. Set in a dark cave. There are many types of balloons with different colors. For example yellow, blue, red, and purple balloons. They are not only round but also many other shapes. Depends on the level of participation. You need to shoot to collect the required number of balls. You can then complete the quest to move on to the next level. In each level that takes place, the number of balloon shots is limited. The number of turns will decrease after each shot. After using up the number of shots, you still haven’t collected enough balloons. The mission will fail, which means you will have to play that level again. On the contrary, collect enough balloons with the least number of shots. The higher the score will be.Download Bubble Pop Origin Mod

Gameplay, guidelines

During the puzzle at Bubble Pop Origin Mod to collect balloons. Each shot will appear in two balls of different colors. Through observing the balloons appear above. You can change to choose the right ball. Then aim accurately to make the balls above burst. However, this is a match-3 style puzzle game. Should be to be able to break the balloons. Need to combine a minimum of 3 balls or more. If less, the ball will pin the same number of balls appearing above. Causing you to lose a chance to get a high score. Not stopping there, the system also supports the guideline feature. As soon as you are about to shoot the ball, a line will appear, helping you to aim more accurately.Ear Bubble Pop Origin Mod

Support items

For players to feel more interesting when participating in balloon shooting levels. Bubble Pop Origin Mod also provides support items. Just like other puzzle games. Support items play a very important role, helping you pass difficult levels. However, they are only available in limited quantities. Only when absolutely necessary, using will help you achieve high efficiency. For example, some support items such as bombs, boosters. Each type has a different purpose and usage. For example, a bomb will create a large explosion, within a certain range. Helps you to break all the balloons in that range. Or rockets are fired in a straight line. Break all the balloons in its direction.Bubble Pop Origin Mod

Throughout the time shooting balloons in the levels of Bubble Pop Origin Mod. You will not feel bored. The number of balloons and the difficulty of each level will be changed. Make you have to focus on observing to get the highest score possible. At the same time, the exploding balloon effect is reproduced very interestingly. Combined with the sound of explosive balls, mixed with gentle background music. What’s more, the setting in the cave is dark. With the appearance of many kinds of colorful balloons. Makes you feel even more excited.

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