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If you are looking for an action game that is fun and easy to play, then Bridge Race Mod is the ideal choice. This game has more than 250 million downloads on all platforms and has become one of the most worth playing games. Join the game, you will compete with many players in the same arena. The goal of each player is to collect as many bricks as possible to build a bridge and reach the finish line as soon as possible. Just swipe your finger across the screen to do it. But is this game that easy? Don’t forget that you will have to compete with many people.

Download Bridge Race Mod – Fun and addictive action gameplay

Simple games like Bridge Race accidentally attract a large number of players. It has more than 1000 levels and each level is a battlefield for multiplayer. As can be seen, competitiveness is undisputed. This game also has a leaderboard for you to see your ranking and others. The promotion rewards are stars and bonuses, which help gamers unlock all kinds of unique skins. New skins make gamers stand out in the arena so everyone wants to have them.


Collect as many bricks as you can

At each level, you and some other people (usually 2 to 3 people) will enter the arena. Each player will represent a certain color and must strive to reach the finish line as soon as possible. To reach the finish line, you need to go through different paths. To cross these lines, you need to build bridges from bricks of the same color. Therefore, your task is to collect as many bricks as possible to build the bridge as quickly as possible and reach the finish line as soon as possible. You can only collect bricks of your color but can also steal from others in some situations.

It can be seen that agility is an important factor that makes an advantage. You need to move fast, collect fast, and build fast bridges to reach the finish line in pursuit of others. This inadvertently creates a super attractive competition in each of your levels. However, each level makes you happy with a series of funny situations. Winning or losing is sometimes not as important as your fun, right? You can also meet many online friends from around the world. Moreover, many interesting gifts are waiting for you to discover.


Some tips to play well

The gameplay of Bridge Race Mod is very simple, but to conquer it, you need to have your own tips. Let’s go through some useful tips that you should not miss:

Collision with others: If you don’t mind collisions, try moving quickly and knocking your opponent out. This will cause them to lose all their tiles and have to collect them all over again. Of course, you will benefit from this. But be careful, sometimes colliding with others also puts you at a disadvantage.

Walk on other people’s bridges: While other people are collecting bricks, you can take the opportunity to cross their bridges. This helps you shorten the time to collect bricks but still can reach the finish line faster.

Use additional items: On the map, you can pick up some useful items. For example, a special coin makes you run 3 times faster; an item that helps you freeze others to make them stand still for a while.

Collect just enough bricks: Collect as many bricks as possible, but in fact, you only need a sufficient amount of bricks to build a bridge. If you can predict the length of the bridge and collect the right amount of bricks, you will save a lot of time.


Unlock skins

With the rewards earned from each level, you can unlock dozens of unique skins. First of all, you will get new skins for your character. Next, you can change the color of the brick block. There are more than 80 characters and 30 different color blocks. So don’t hesitate to unlock all within your financial means. Moreover, the game also has a map pack with many different locations. The new map will bring a new sense of experience.


Colorful 3D design

Each level in this game is designed with 3D graphics background. Although everything is quite simple, it is colorful, making the experience scene bright. Moreover, the battlefield map will change flexibly through the levels, bringing many new contexts to explore. Character images are designed with a stickman style. Along with vibrant music, the game will bring you a fun and relaxing experience like never before.

Don’t hesitate to download Bridge Race Mod and enjoy it now. Bridge-building competitions are waiting for you here. Move skillfully to collect as many bricks as possible and gain an advantage against many other opponents. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to use your own tips to become a winner. There are no rules to hinder your creativity so win by all means.

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