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Play as an animal hero in the game Botworld Adventure Mod. Join the adventure in the huge open world. Adventurously uncovering unknown mysteries. At the same time collect scraps to create robots. The content of the game revolves around wars between robots. Based on the open gameplay, you can freely explore everything. Play as an animal character to lead the robots to battle. Have the opportunity to meet many other interesting NPC characters. Through performing, quests will find treasure. At the same time face many difficult challenges. Along with that, will enjoy the beautiful 3D environment. Set in multiple locations. Recreate the environment alive for you to explore.

Download Botworld Adventure Mod – Role Playing Animal Characters To Lead The Battle Robots

Before starting the adventure in Botworld Adventure Mod. You will be selected to play as one of 4 animal characters. Includes dogs, buffalo, cats, and lizards. At the same time, you can customize the appearance color, eyes, and outfit. Depending on your preferences, choose the desired animal character. Then you can design the appearance according to your own style. Each animal character possesses different abilities. Over time takes place in the wide world. Through collecting scraps for crafting. The power of the animal character will be developed in its own direction. At the same time, the animal character will lead the robots. They will run after each animal character moves. At the same time will directly fight in dramatic competitions.Botworld Adventure Mod

Diverse quest system

Start the adventure in Botworld Adventure Mod. As an animal character, recruit cyborgs to form a team. You will have to perform a lot of different jobs. Through the encounter chat with other animal NPC characters. From there receive the task to perform. For example, fighting with designated robots. Move to find and defeat the required number of robots. Collect rare scraps to craft. Each task will have to go through a process. Facing a lot of tough challenges. After completing will receive attractive rewards. Help the robots reach new levels by earning experience points. Along with that, complete each task in turn. You will have the opportunity to unlock many new robots.Download Botworld Adventure Mod

Gameplay, the course of the battle

The battle of Botworld Adventure Mod takes place in a large circle. During the process, the animal character will stand outside the circle. Then summon the droids to have them appear in the arena. You can arrange the robot in any position. Through observing the enemy formation. From there intelligently arrange according to a strategy. As soon as the battle begins, the robots between the two sides will attack fiercely. Perform skills to jump, stun, and explode around. Adopts advanced AI automatic control system. During that time, you can use the skills of the animal character to assist. For example, fire a missile at a designated location to attack enemy forces. Or strengthen your droid’s defenses. Each skill will consume a certain amount of energy.Tai Botworld Adventure Mod

Recruit many different robots

Over time explore the vast world of the Botworld Adventure Mod game. You will have the opportunity to recruit many different robots. Typically Thump, Slash, Yanky, Lobby, Rocketeer, Icicool,… Many other robots will be unlocked. Each robot possesses its own outstanding fighting ability. At the same time, it has a unique style, from appearance to color. Their strength is expressed through four indicators. Includes max health, speed, damage, and crit. To unlock a robot. You need to collect all kinds of scraps. After that, you can continue to use the corresponding scrap to be able to upgrade. Increase combat power for better effectiveness in battles.Game Botworld Adventure Mod

Coming to Botworld Adventure Mod, you will be able to explore many different locations. Huge forests, with lush growth. Or barren desert areas. Each location has been recreated very impressively. Under the design of 2D graphics. With images built-in cartoon style. The environment is combined with a bright color system. Same vivid sound quality. Funny background music is played every time the animal character moves. Or will change the sound of the atmosphere when entering the competitive battle.

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