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BombSquad Mod Apk is an action game with highly humorous details produced by Eric Froemling. The game’s primary weapon is the bomb to destroy the enemy, and the fascinating gameplay is waiting for you to explore. With youthful gameplay combined with cute images, this is a great entertaining game for all ages.

Although it is not a challenging game, players need to have quick skills to handle any situation. BombSquad has its training mode, where the confrontation between players and AI. There are two easy and challenging levels for you to know your actual level quickly.

Game Trailer

What You Have to Do?

The gameplay mechanism is quite similar to Bomber Friends. The characters have only one weapon, the bomb. Players will use bombs to attack and eliminate opponents, scoring points to win.

bombsquad game play

Gameplay overview has two modes that players can experience, including online and offline. Mostly, the rule is about scoring by killing enemies to win.

BombSquad offers a simple panel that includes a movement button and action buttons like pick up, run, throw bombs, and punch. Depending on the terrain, you will have to flexibly combine these controls to defeat the opponent and score points.

Enjoy Fun Mini-Games with Great Features

BombSquad has an offline mode innovation, which means the game’s AI has gotten a lot smarter. Not only are they overwhelming in number, but they also learn formations and strategies. Sometimes, players will find AI ​​teamwork very high. One member even committed suicide to prevent players from scoring. Therefore, you should not be subjective with AI in this game.

bombsquad in game death match

There are plenty of mini-games, including Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Bomber Hockey, and Epic Slow Motion Elimination. Whether players choose the single match mode, combination, or team battle, the system will arrange the matching mini-games, forming a series of games and corresponding rules.

Bomber-Hockey is the hardest, especially in team battle mode, because the fields are small, the terrain is slippery, and difficult to navigate. This mini-game goal is to hit the ball in the opponent’s net to score 1 point. However, the movement of the ball with his feet is difficult to achieve.

Capture the Flag mode is also very interesting. The two teams will steal the flag placed in the center of the field and bring it back. Team spirit in this mode is very high. For the most part, people will have to protect the flag bearer. Throw bombs at opponents to defeat them or stop them from regaining the flag.

The Epic Slow Motion Elimination feature is also noticeable with slow motion.

The game also lets you choose a mode, meaning you can select a whole level, including just King of the Hill or Bomber Hockey.

The characters in the game are not detailed and only symbolic. Special abilities from support items constantly appear on the map and disappear after a particular time. Players can quickly pick them up to take advantage of.

The support items are diverse such as armor plate, special bombs, grenades, boxing gloves, triple shot, health recovery, etc.

Game Design and Music

bombsquad in game graphics

Although BombSquad doesn’t have stunning graphics, the game tries to entertain players with a unique style. At the same time, you’ll also have access to a powerful audio experience. The music in the game can be customized in different stages, is sure to make you feel excited.

Download the Game and Become A Bomb Master!

BombSquad supports a variety of languages and automatically recognizes players’ devices. The game is optimized from picture and sound, giving players the best experience. BombSquad Mod Apk helps players to enjoy the gameplay conveniently without having to wait long before switching to the next game mode.

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