Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game 1.8.2 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod belongs to the category of adventure games. Designed in the style of antagonistic action. The game belongs to the next version in the famous action game series GYM Fighting. Join the game, you will become a Gym trainer, cum Karate fighter. Compete against other dangerous gym fighters, through tournaments. The goal is to beat them to become the champion. This is an attractive Arcade action game. Open tournaments according to each level. Set at the GYM in various locations. At the same time, you will experience an interesting control mechanism. With boxing and Karate style fighter’s attack skills. Along with realistic 3D graphics, exciting sounds are shown throughout the matches.

Download Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod – Compete With Other Gym Fighters To Become Champion

The gameplay of the Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod is designed according to each level. Each match takes place in a level of play, divided into halves. A match lasts up to 3 innings. You can even end the match earlier if you win 2 consecutive rounds. After finishing the match in a level play. Achievements will be shown by the number of stars. Each level can reach a maximum of 3 stars. Based on the number of stars achieved will receive corresponding gold coins. Continue to participate in the competition at a new level. The difficulty will gradually increase, the opponent’s ability will improve. From attack power, defense, skills are superior to previous opponents. Making the game even more dramatic and difficult. However, rely on flexible attack skills. You can overwhelm to win in the end.Game Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod

The match is in half, punching the opponent

During the competition at Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod. You will have to compare skills with many other gym opponents. They are all talented boxers, possessing impressive fighting ability. Driven by intelligent AI. Take turns defeating the opponent in each round. After winning 2 innings, it is possible to complete the mission. However, before the match ends, you will be involved in a small match. When the opponent has been defeated will be stunned. Now you will customize the punching force, which is shown on the clock hand. Help the boxer punch the opponent directly into the GYM gym. Then, based on the opponent’s range, with the score multipliers 2, triple. Your achievements will be multiplied by the position of your opponent lying motionless.Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod

Attack skills

Play as a fighter to participate in competitions in Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod. Boxers possess different attack skills. A combination of boxing punches and Karate kicks. To win against the gym opponents in the match. Need a flexible mix of skills. Observe the opponent’s movements, quick reflexes. Dodge attacks to limit blood loss. Also, attack accurately to cause the opponent to gradually reduce the amount of health. This in turn will cause the opponent to lose. With each match, more and more dramatic. New opponents appear with powerful attacks. You need to improve your attack skills, control your spirit. At the same time, gain experience in competition to achieve higher efficiency.Download Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod

The martial arts, the ability to compete

Coming to Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod you will have the opportunity to compete with many different fighters. They have an impressive appearance, with their own playing style. Typically, such as Khali Khan, Daya Dinesh, Murla Ankur, Suhas khan, etc. Many other martial artists will appear when participating in matches. Their ability is demonstrated through strength and health. In it, the power is shown through the attacks to deal damage to the opponent. Health is expressed through the maximum amount of blood. To play the role of a favorite boxer, you will have to use the money to unlock it. Use gold coins accumulated from previous matches. Choosing a desired martial arts will increase your motivation to compete more effectively. At the same time, money can also be used to upgrade health and strength to improve the ability of the boxer.Tai Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod

The graphics of the Bodybuilder GYM Fighting Game Mod are very impressively designed. In particular, the effect of competition in battles is quite prominent. Each boxer’s attack when hitting the opponent will appear light at the touchpoint. Flexible, smooth movements, with very realistic attacks. The surrounding environment is also reproduced very vividly. The appearance of fans cheering outside. Along with vibrant sound quality, simulate the sound of attacks. Mix background music, to make you feel more excited.

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