Bloody Bastards 3.1.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Dumb Bot)

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Bloody Bastards Mod is an action game, fighting style provided by Tabitha. In particular, the game is released only on the market. Unlike the usual action games, the gameplay is set in a medieval setting where matches take place. Takes you into a clan war between bastards. You transform into one of those bastards, with the task of defeating the other brothers to become the heir to a huge fortune. The fight is extremely dramatic, performing daring action sequences. You need to find a way to defeat the remaining opponents, becoming the only one who inherits the right to inherit the property.

Download Bloody Bastards Mod – Join Medieval Battles

Bloody Bastards Mod opens the medieval war. Take the scene from there as the place where fierce 1vs1 matches take place. Your character as a warrior, equipped with weapons and armor. The fight is freestyle, with no referees, no judges. Only the villagers as fans, stand on the sidelines cheering and admiring the battle between you and the remaining enemy. The match will last until one of the two is defeated, unable to stand up. Each battle you can reach a maximum of 3 stars, but you only need 1 star to be able to move on to the next match. You will have to take turns defeating opponents to participate in new battles. The difficulty and challenge will be increased gradually.Bloody Bastards Mod

Story mode

Although it is a fighting game, Bloody Bastards Mod does not have a variety of game modes yet. Currently, you can only participate in story mode. This is also the only model that the developer provides. This makes players feel bored after a while of experience. Here, you can only participate in the 1vs1 fight. With the task of defeating each of Al’s opponents in turn. The difficulty of the game is gradually increased after you unlock the next match. But the gameplay is not diverse and rich, making you very quickly bored.Game Bloody Bastards Mod

Exciting control system

The control mechanism of Bloody Bastards Mod is not like ordinary fighting games. The virtual control keys will no longer be displayed on the screen. Everything is due to your quick perception, combined with the experience trained through each match. At first, you will definitely have to go through the training room to learn combat skills. Here, you can do everything you like without the pressure of a match. The control system is quite simple, you even feel like this control. Because it brings a sense of authenticity, creating compelling action scenes of a real fighting match. If you want to move the character, double-tap the screen left or right. Use the sword by tapping once and rotating to the right. Likewise, rotate left to use the shield.Ear Bloody Bastards Mod

Earn lots of bonuses

After the end of the match, Bloody Bastards Mod will be based on the number of stars you have achieved to give the corresponding amount of money. The higher the number of stars, the greater the bonus received. Therefore, you should fight with all your might, using all the skills you have learned to defeat the enemy. Successfully completing the mission and achieving high achievements in the battle, will help you get a lot of bonuses.

Weapons and costumes

Bloody Bastards Mod provides a lot of costumes and weapons. Players can change the appearance of the character, by choosing the costumes. Includes weapons, pants, armor, shoes, gloves, and hats. Each has a lot to choose from, but they’re not free to use. You need to use the money earned from the battle to buy. What’s more, the items not only change the appearance but also help your warrior increase the combat stats. For example, weapons, increase damage per hit or pants, armor increases defense.Download Bloody Bastards Mod

Bloody Bastards Mod uses impressive Pixel-style 2D graphics. As soon as you enter the game, you will immediately notice the setting of the medieval period. The matches take place in a classic setting, not too colorful like 3D action games. But what makes a lot of people feel like it is the warrior’s gestures and actions. Described extremely humorous, with funny action scenes, not flexible. In addition, the game has a lot of scary and daring scenes. For example, when an opponent is hit in the head, blood will flow and even fall. Before participating, you need to think carefully, because the game is not suitable for some audiences.

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