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Blocky Farm Mod is like a miniature version of Minecraft but possesses many new and interesting features. Here, you will become a real farmer who takes care of fields, and farms and builds your own countryside. You can participate in dozens of fun and relaxing activities from farming to livestock, fishing, delivering to the town, and building friendships with its inhabitants. The game is indeed a farm game but you will find it different from the rest. It brings a large open world for you to freely do what you like and interact with everything around. Moreover, with the creative block design, the Minecraft world appears before your eyes in this game.

Download Blocky Farm Mod – Farm game with a blocky design

Let’s temporarily forget the stress and difficulties in life, now is the time to relax with Blocky Farm. You will find endless joy here when you can immerse yourself in nature and do what you love. The game has everything you need for a farm building and management game. You can own vast fields with fertile land to delight in cultivating and raising everything. Moreover, you are also an important resident in the vast countryside. How to develop this place to become an economic center? Agricultural products are your strength to compete with many other real farmers here. Play to your strengths and enjoy unprecedented economic growth in the countryside.


Build and manage farms

At the beginning of the game, you will have a little difficulty when what you get is an old and poor farm. Your task is to develop it into the most livable place and attract more residents here. You will embark on repairing broken things such as chicken coops, cow sheds, sheds, garages, and more. After everything is activated again, you will begin the journey to build and develop your farm. You have great open land to grow crops like rice, corn, flowers, tomatoes, pumpkins, and more. Your job is to plant the seeds, take care of them and wait for the harvest day. Besides, you can raise chickens, cows, pigs, and many kinds of funny pets around the farm.

During the harvest phase, you can drive a modern agricultural vehicle through the fields and see the produce being loaded into the vehicle. After that, you just need to drive to the brothel and store agricultural products there. You can also build factories to process agricultural products and deliver products to the surrounding residential areas. You will make a lot of money from trading agricultural products, which you can continue to invest in buying new seeds, taking care of pets, and expanding the farm further. Don’t forget to build beautiful structures like houses, power plants, windmills… and create a dream farm.


Take part in fun activities

Not only farming and breeding, but Blocky Farm Mod also gives you many other interesting things to do. You can shop for pet clothes and decorations with dozens of accessories like hats and glasses. Besides, relax by playing with your pet. The cats will love to chase, the dog will love to pick up sticks… Your chickens will also enjoy the funny songs all day long. So, your farm is always bustling with laughter, music, and joy from the simplest everyday things.

Besides, if you like to play online, you can connect the game to the internet. In this mode, you can interact with friends around the world, visit their farms and participate in many cool online events. These events also help you get great gifts and hunt for trophies. You and your friends can also work together on quests to earn rewards, make friends, and share resources with each other. Build a friendly farm community with like-minded people.


Creative square block design

Different from normal farm games, this game is designed in the same blocky style as Minecraft. It brings a friendly and colorful cube world. The images here look very close and real. The background is always bright, the music is always light and cheerful. These make for an ever more idyllic experience to relax you in the long run. Moreover, the longer you play, the more new things are unlocked to discover.

So, are you ready to build your own farm in Blocky Farm Mod? This is a place where you can enjoy growing crops, taking care of pets, driving cars to harvest, and building everything on the farm. Enjoy hours of fun playing with your pets and days of hard work in the fields. You can earn daily profit to expand and develop the farm to become a paradise.

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