Best romantic books for the valentine season


Valentine’s Day is here and it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book that will make your heart skip a beat. If you’re looking for some romantic reading material, then look no further than these classic love stories that are sure to get you in the mood for love.

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: This beloved classic is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romance. The story follows the independent Elizabeth Bennet as she navigates the social customs of her time while falling in love with the wealthy and proud Mr. Darcy.
  2. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks: This modern classic is a tearjerker that tells the story of a man who reads to his wife from a notebook that chronicles their life together. The book is a beautiful testament to the power of love and the enduring bonds that keep couples together.
  3. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: This historical romance follows the time-traveling adventures of Claire Randall, a World War II nurse who finds herself transported to 18th century Scotland. There she meets the dashing Jamie Fraser and embarks on a passionate love affair that spans centuries.
  4. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: This heartbreaking novel tells the story of Louisa Clark, a young woman who takes a job caring for Will Traynor, a wealthy and successful man who is paralyzed after an accident. As they get to know each other, they form a deep connection that challenges everything they thought they knew about love.
  5. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger: This unconventional love story follows the time-traveling adventures of Henry DeTamble and his wife Clare Abshire. As Henry travels back and forth through time, their relationship is tested by the challenges of their unusual circumstances.
  6. The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller: This best-selling novel tells the story of Francesca Johnson, a married woman who falls in love with a photographer who is visiting her town to take pictures of the famous covered bridges. Their brief affair is both beautiful and heart-wrenching, and will leave you thinking about the power of love long after you finish the book.
  7. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: This young adult novel tells the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, two teenagers who fall in love while battling cancer. The book is a poignant and powerful reminder of the beauty and fragility of life, and the transformative power of love.

Whether you’re a die-hard romantic or simply looking for a little love and inspiration, these books are the perfect way to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. So pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, and lose yourself in the beautiful and timeless world of romantic literature.

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