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Welcome to Beggar Life 3 Mod – the third part of the Beggar Life series from publisher manababa. This game continues the story of the first two parts, which are the events revolving around the life of a beggar. But this time, you will have fun with new missions. Instead of begging with different tricks, you will now earn money with just “clicks” on the screen. Besides, you can build buildings to become the manager of the real estate chain. What do you think if you open a cafe, a hot dog shop, or a gym? Try out all your ideas in this game.

Download Beggar Life 3 Mod – Fun beggar life simulation

If you’ve played the previous games in the Beggar Life series, getting to this game is not difficult. This game offers a new adventure for your beggar character. He is a poor man, but rich in the will to advance. So, instead of settling down with his beggar job, he always tries to find ways to get rich. At the beginning of the game, he asked to buy a beach area but was refused. The owner of this beach does not accept credit card sales. But then everything will be different.


Earn money the idle way

Your beggar quickly discovers a way to make money without doing much. He just needs to click repeatedly on the screen to generate free gold coins. Try applying this to the beach that he plans to buy at the beginning of the game. You will make hundreds of dollars from this place. With the money you earn, you can unlock potential business models, thereby generating even more money. The way to make money idle with “clicks” is not always effective. So you need to learn how to get rich with your own hands.

Besides the above idle money-making, the game will let you try many other ways. For example, you can click on the vending machine, beg at the bullet train station, fish, collect treasures in the ocean, compete in wrestling, run in the valley… As you can see, there are rows of them. Super funny and ridiculous ways to make money. But you will have more fun minigames to play every day. At the same time, you can earn money as soon as you enjoy the games. What was more amazing?


Build and manage business models

With the will to progress, your beggar in Beggar Life 3 Mod is constantly looking for ways to get rich. With the money he earned from his tricks, he can now open dozens of different business models. But in the first level, you only have enough money to unlock a small cafe on the beach. If you manage it properly, you will have more coins to unlock new models. There are other potential models such as real estate offices, gyms, restaurants, hot dogs, and more.

Over time, your number of business models can make up a town. Each model has its own function and is capable of generating idle profits. The restaurant will serve diners, the real estate office will manage the land and house transactions, and the fashion store will meet the shopping needs of residents in the city… The more customers, the higher the demand. The higher it is, the stronger your models will be. And you will soon become a rich boss instead of a poor beggar.


Upgrade everything your way

The process of getting rich is never easy, is it? The same is true when you play the game. There is no business model that will generate hundreds of dollars in the first place. You have to upgrade it from time to time to improve service quality, serving speed, and more. You can also upgrade the customer to increase the automatic hit rate. In particular, the game allows you to hire part-time employees to manage business models. Instead of managing it all by yourself, you can be an idler when you have a system of hard workers.


Funny cartoon graphic style

In terms of design style, this game does not have too many differences compared to the first two parts. It still keeps the cartoon design style, providing fun and friendly images. The character system in this game is much more diverse than in previous games. Each employee can have their own roles, such as customer, service staff, manager, or real estate owner… Thanks to that, this game creates a virtual world close and real.

So if you like the Beggar Life series, you should not miss Beggar Life 3 Mod. This game will give you a new experience revolving around the theme of begging. Instead of sitting around and waiting for help from others, you will now be in control of your own life. Let’s start with the most ordinary business model, then the more advanced models. And you will earn a lot of money to get out of poverty.

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