Beam of Magic Mod APK 1.22.0 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

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Forget about boring shooting games for a while, now you can join the Beam of Magic Mod and immerse yourself in the epic fantasy world. This game is an impressive classic roguelike role-playing experience. It gives you an amazing fighting adventure with bosses or online opponents. Not only can you play alone, but you can also cooperate with friends in real-time mode. Adventure battles are now busier than ever as you and other mages work together. The vast fantasy open world offers endless challenges, from small monsters to big bosses and more. But it also contains great rewards that you cannot miss. Take advantage of rewards to level up, unlock new skills, and go as far as you can.

Download Beam of Magic Mod – Roguelike RPG gameplay with an epic fantasy setting

Beam of Magic is a great game for those looking for a roguelike game with a dungeon setting. It takes you on an endless adventure journey where magical powers rule everything. You will play the role of a magician and must overcome the wars with the enemies to protect the peace of mankind. It’s a long journey, going through many different areas with increasing difficulty as the level progresses. But the role-playing gameplay here is quite simple and idle. The third-person perspective also helps you see the whole battlefield and enjoy beautiful magic moves. See how far you can go on this journey.


Play the role of a hero and explore the battles

The game features two typical modes for you to explore as a hero of the epic fantasy world. In PvE mode, you will have the opportunity to travel through different lands of the dungeon world. In each region, you will encounter hordes of enemies and uncover never-before-seen treasures. You need to master the fighting skills to really conquer the wars. You will continuously level up after each fight and so on, extending the journey to infinity. But the challenge will be increasingly complex. Your enemies are upgraded from small monsters to huge bosses. You can team up with friends to fight bosses together, taking epic battles to the next level on a larger scale.

Besides an easy-to-understand adventure storyline, the game also features simple control mechanics. You just need to use the joystick to control the hero and he will automatically attack. However, the game requires your ability to calculate strategy. That means you need to move wisely to dodge attacks from enemies, while effectively dealing damage to targets. Besides, after each level up, you will receive the right to choose from 3 new skill combos to take advantage of in battle. What will you choose and how will you use the new skill? That is up to you.


Non-stop upgrading and expansion

To face the long and ever more difficult journey in Beam of Magic Mod, you need infinite progress. To upgrade your hero’s fighting ability, you need to win battles to earn experience points. After each upgrade, you get options to improve your speed, damage, defense, and more. This is your chance to upgrade your hero, thereby gaining an advantage in the new battle. In addition, you need to equip the hero with the necessary equipment. Heroes can carry 6 items at once, including weapons, rings, armor, shields, and more. You will need to spend money to buy this equipment in the store.

With better power, you will have a great chance to go further. The open-world keeps expanding, leading you to many places and unprecedented mysteries. From dense forests to ancient dungeons and epic battlefields, each has its own characteristics to refresh the hero’s experience. Each location will bring a unique enemy system. At the same time, you will find hidden treasures containing unique resources and equipment to upgrade. So, don’t hesitate to explore more and write the longest adventure story possible.


Low quality but impressive 3D graphics

Despite possessing low-quality graphics, this game will impress you with its friendly cartoon design style. It depicts heroes, enemies, and the background very vividly. The combat effects are extremely eye-catching with lights and sounds. The battlefield scene also constantly changes through the levels, highlighting the epic beauty of the dungeon fantasy world. You will enjoy all this from a top-down third-person perspective.


What do you think about Beam of Magic Mod? It can satisfy you if you are a lover of the classic RPG genre. You will have the opportunity to explore the dungeon world through the eyes of the hero. You will even play the role of a hero and directly participate in the war. Skill moves with beautiful effects will make you fall in love. Moreover, the richness of the context, skills, and enemies also inspires you to explore for a long time.

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