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Get ready to immerse yourself in this simple, easy-to-access strategy gameplay, which will allow Android gamers to freely explore the elements in the game while on the go. Experience creative strategic gameplay both online and offline, as you freely explore in-game features and many intensive elements.

For those who are interested, you can now enjoy exciting tactical gameplay in Battle of Polytopia, where gamers can bring their favorite civilizations to glory. Enjoy your epic battles against other civilizations and explore journeys to revolutionary advancements. Build your base and destroy your enemies or engage in your economic wars.

Learn more about this exciting game from Midjiwan AB with our intensive reviews.

Story / Game

The game will bring Android gamers back to the prehistoric period, where they can join epic tribes in the war for known world control. Playing more civilization to help them earn resources, unlock new technology and establish great accomplishments. Fight against other tribes to gain control of new lands. Require new resources to continue growing your tribe. And always try to upgrade your technology to keep your clan leading.

Enjoy exciting battles against your opponents in this turn-over strategy game, where your tactics and game approach are extremely important. Players will start matches in a limited map where they will need to explore lands, earn resources and continue to develop their clan. Build an army to protect and establish new landmarks while updating technology. Develop your small village into a vast kingdom and be ready to bring down any tribe that dare against you. Build your civilization and conquer others to win games.

Here in Battle of Polytopia, Android gamers will have the opportunity to explore interactive strategic gameplay, in which they can control everything on the map, except the enemy. Make multiple decisions each and always prepare for the next.


Here are all the fun features the game offers:

Simple but extremely interesting strategy gameplay
To kick it off, Android gamers in Battle of Polytopia will have the opportunity to enjoy the interesting gameplay of the turn-in strategy, thanks to many simple and easy-to-access elements. Start by working with visual maps that can easily fit your screen and freely use touch controls to move and interact with elements in the game.

Also, the gameplay, though can be overwhelming at first, is quite simple when you’re used to it. Here, there is only one 4 X tool you need to remember, that is exploring (explore) map, expanding (expand) your territory, exploiting (exploit) other clans and destroying ( exterminate) your enemy.

Just explore the map to find resources. Work on your farms and buildings to create new resources. Activate technology studies to give you a better chance to overcome your opponents. Build your army and start conquering with your great strategies.

Many tribes with different characteristics

Here in Battle of Polytopia, Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy a turn-on tactical game with various clan, each tribe has its own unique features. Discover nature, culture and unique elements in game, each provides unique gameplay for Android players. Also, different tribes will have certain technologies unlocked from the start, so you can always change your game approach.

Automatically generated map with unique settings

With auto-generated maps, the gamers in Battle of Polytopia will never find themselves playing the same map again. Also, randomly created elements will always bring you new experiences with the game. And thanks to various map sizes, you can easily expand your mobile strategy gameplay whenever you want. This, along with configurable maps, will allow gamers to be a lot happier with their turn-on strategy battles.

Interesting challenges for single players with increasing difficulty

Throughout the game, Android gamers in Battle of Polytopia will find themselves participating in various in-game challenges, each offering their own unique gameplay. Feel free to go to these one-man matches and have absolute fun whenever you want. Also, thanks to offline gameplay, games can be played while you’re on the move.

Have fun playing with real players in Multiplayer mode

And most importantly, thanks to the existing online game mode, Android gamers can join friends and online players in exciting multiplayer matches. Feel free to look for players around the world in Multiplayer Matchmaking and have fun whenever you want. Control your favorite tribe or join Mirrior Matches for both sides to use a tribe. You can also choose to skip any match you don’t care about.

Competing with real competitors in exciting tournaments and great rankings challenges, allows you to have the absolute pleasure of the game. And thanks to unique player avatar, you can always personalize your profile picture and make you stand out in online games.

Different mode of playing to enjoy

To make the game more interesting and highlight the strategic elements of the game, Battle of Polytopia will allow Android gamers to freely explore the game in various modes.

Here, in regular single mode, you can challenge your opponent to get the highest score in 30 turns or destroy enemies, which will give you Perfect or Governor victory Treatment, respectively.

For online games, gamers can become the first to reach 10.000 points or conquer all your opponent’s capital, which will give you a Glory or a respective Victory.

These flexible changes will allow you to freely choose your approach and strategy in the game, depending on how you want to win the game.

enjoy the game in different languages

To make the game easier to access, Android players in Battle of Polytopia can now have fun with their exciting gameplay in many languages available. With the ability to integrate various languages, the game will not limit you to the default English language.

Play for free

For those of you who are interested, you can easily download and enjoy the free game of Battle of Polytopia from Google Play Store. However, since it’s still a free app, there will be ads and in-app purchases that bother you.

Try our revised version of game

With the revised version of the game now available on our website, Android players can now play with Battle of Polytopia without paying for in-app purchases and ads. Just download APK Battle of Polytopia MOD, follow the instructions given and you’re ready. Start the fun with full-feature strategy gameplay whenever you want.

Graphics and sound quality


Here in Battle of Polytopia, Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy cute low poly graphics that allow them to fully engage in strategic levels. In addition, simple graphics also allow gameplay that can run well on all your Android devices. And thanks to optimized display settings, you can easily play games in both vertical and horizontal mode, so most gamers get a more accessible game experience.

Sound / song

Along with visual and interesting images, Battle of Polytopia also offers powerful background music and interesting sound effects, which allows Android gamers to truly drown in the entire experience.

Download Battle of Polytopia MOD APK free for Android

With the unique and innovative elements of turn-in strategy, Battle of Polytopia will allow Android gamers to enjoy a completely new and exciting gameplay on their mobile devices. Feel free to choose your favorite tribe and lead them to glory through many in-game adventures. Have fun with both online and offline modes, and most importantly, you can always download and experience our revised version of Battle of Polytopia.

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