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If you are a fan of mobile games from the publisher Voodoo, you certainly cannot miss Ball Blast Mod. It is a simple action game with idle gameplay mechanics. But you may not know that it has attracted millions of players. The appeal of the game comes from the entertainment and relaxation it brings. Just swipe on the screen to shoot the gun but you will feel endless fun. Your task is to control the cannon to shoot balls in the sky. The more you shoot, the higher the score and the bigger the money you get. The challenges that come your way will not stop until you make a mistake. So it’s like a survival journey. Let’s see how long you can survive.

Download Ball Blast Mod – Shoot the ball and become the talented cannon shooter

This time, publisher Voodoo continues to bring you a game with the “Endless” genre. It will help you relax for a long time with just balls, cannons and soft music. Although it does not include a clear level system, the challenges for you will become increasingly complex. You will have to show your agility to shoot as many balls as you can. At the same time, keep your sanity so as not to make even the smallest mistake. Your journey will last to infinity, but just one mistake, you will play from the beginning. Upgrading is crucial to going very far. You also just need to touch the screen to do it. Get ready with your cannon, the balls have started to fall.


Idle and addictive gameplay mechanics

The simple and addictive gameplay is characteristic of games from Voodoo, and this title is no exception. The challenge for you is the balls falling from above. They carry different numbers, the larger the number, the stronger the ability. Your job is to control your cannon to burst all the balls. But you won’t be able to burst them once. Each hit on target will reduce the number of balls. Until their number reaches 0, you can break them and get gold coins. Balls will fall continuously from above and bounce back repeatedly as they land. So, align your shot properly to destroy them, and at the same time protect your cannon from collisions.

About controlling the cannon, you just need to swipe left or right on the screen. It’s simple, isn’t it? But how you need to swipe to both shoot the ball and defend is important. In general, the element of the strategy is necessary for you to conquer this game. Besides, you need to be alert enough to recognize the traps from the balls. Smaller balls do not mean they have smaller numbers than large balls. Sometimes, a small ball will bring the number up to 1.1K points. They can cause tremendous damage if they collide with your cannon. So, of course, you need to dodge them instead of shooting directly.


Unlock new cannons and maps

Ball Blast Mod gives you many interesting options to renew your experience. First, there is a unique skins system for your cannon. It allows you to change the appearance of your character and upgrade it for better firepower and damage. But of course, you need to pay to upgrade both the appearance and the power of the cannon. Gold coins can be earned at your levels. Each ball will correspond to a certain amount of gold.

The more balls you conquer, the richer you are. That’s when you can indulge in in-game purchases and upgrades. Over time, the game context also changes dynamically. You will see stunning landscapes on screen, including early morning mountains, harbors, islands, deserts, and even the surface of Mars. This little change is enough to refresh your feeling. It is an inspiration for you to play the game for a long time without getting bored.


The design is extremely simple but delicate

With a simple design, this game is suitable for every player’s senses. It delivers raw but colorful images, creating a bright and friendly experience scene. Besides, each of your cannon shots on the screen brings beautiful effects. The sound of each shot and the background music also contribute to the appeal of the game. Everything is simple but delicate and enough to help you relax for a long time.

So, if you don’t have Ball Blast Mod on your phone, don’t hesitate to download it for free here. You can play it anytime and anywhere because it doesn’t need an Internet connection to run. Endless shooting levels will help you relax while training your agility and concentration. Don’t hesitate to explore it and test your shooting talent.

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