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Auto Defense Mod is a strategy game with attractive defensive combat gameplay. You become a strategist, with the task of arranging defense towers to protect the citadel. Come up with an effective strategy to prevent enemy aggression. Destroy the entire army of aliens to foil your plan to take over the kingdom. The game uses vivid 3D graphics, creating exciting battles. Combined with exciting effects, bring dramatic matches.

Download Auto Defense Mod – The War To Protect The Kingdom From Aliens

Auto Defense Mod opens dramatic battles in the beautiful kingdom. Transform into a strategist, with the task of protecting the kingdom. Your enemies are monsters from outer space. They attacked in droves with the intention of destroying the main gate. Through it, the enemy will turn your kingdom into a kingdom of death. Enter the game, you can’t let that happen. Build defense towers, unlock tactics to attack enemies. Also, upgrade the defense towers by combining their power together. From there will create huge damage, causing the enemy to be quickly destroyed. This is not just a simple battle to defend the castle, requiring very high creativity and tactics. Because the enemy is not just a few, they are a whole army of war. Just one small mistake can have huge consequences.Auto Defense mod

Unlock towers, arrange positions and build strategies

The gameplay of the Auto Defense Mod is quite attractive. You use the gold coins provided to unlock the tower. Choose the appropriate location to arrange them on the battlefield. Your enemies will appear and move in different directions to attack the castle. Your mission is not to let them move into the city. Each time you defeat an alien, you will receive a gold coin. Accumulate enough coins to continue unlocking and building a strong tower formation. During the battle, the number of enemies increased day by day. Requires strategy and placement of towers to attack effectively. From there you will prevent the invasion of the enemy and completely destroy the alien army.

Defense tower upgrade

During the battle of Auto Defense Mod. Using smart tactics combined with tower upgrades will help you achieve high efficiency. Choose a defense tower with the same number of stars to combine into a stronger tower. For example, to upgrade a tower to 2 stars, you need to combine two towers with the same 1 star. After successfully upgrading, the damage and attack ability of the defense tower will increase significantly. In turn, with other defensive towers, you will create a strong tower formation. At that time, you can destroy the enemy easily and protect your kingdom.Tai Auto Defense Mod

Defeat bosses, enemies sorted by size

Destroying the entire army of aliens is a mandatory task you need to do. Moreover, they are led by large bosses. Possesses durable health and defense. You will need a lot of defensive towers to be able to take them down. In Auto Defense Mod aliens are divided into many different forms. You can sort them by shape and size. The larger the arrows, the higher their health and defense. In contrast, those with small size have very little blood. You can destroy them with just one tower attack.

Win to get attractive rewards

The battle in Auto Defense Mod is very dramatic and fierce. If the tactical arrangement is not right, you will put the kingdom in danger. Even destroyed when the enemy breaks through the outer barrier. After the end of the war, it won by destroying the entire alien army. You will receive a lot of attractive rewards such as defense tower cards, gems, and many other items. From there, you can defend the kingdom with better tactics. Causes enemies to be destroyed before reaching the gate.Download Auto Defense Mod

Auto Defense Mod provides players with a lot of different defense towers. Each defense tower possesses unique strength and combat ability. Includes poison tower, ice tower, electric tower, fire tower, and explosion tower. The strength of each tower is gradually increased after being upgraded. At the same time, you can arrange multiple towers together to create a deadly defense. Because each tower has its own power and characteristics like an ice tower that can freeze enemies. Or the fire tower will burn the alien army every time they appear in sight. From there you will stop the war army from outer space.

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