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Arrow Fest Mod is an arrow shooting action game. Your mission is to collect as many arrows as possible, shoot down people and knights. The gameplay of the game is in the style of calculation. Revolve around addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations. These are basic operations in mathematics. But in this action game. You will notice how much the calculations affect the outcome of a level of play. In particular, calculations have the ability to change your emotions. It can feel like a miss with just one miscalculation. More than that, you will notice a huge difference between division and subtraction. Besides the gameplay is quite interesting and fun. The game is also combined with sharp 3D graphics. Recreate a vivid 3D environment, but not as realistic as regular 3D games.

Download Arrow Fest Mod – Increase Number of Arrows To Attack Enemies

Coming to Arrow Fest Mod you need to increase the number of arrows through calculations. As soon as the game starts, your arrow will rush forward. Along with that is the appearance of calculations in mathematics. Your task is to control the arrow to move left or right. Rush through the calculations to increase the number even more. In the process, people will appear in the way. If you rush in, the number of arrows will be reduced. After the end of the route the calculations. The arrows will automatically attack the enemy in increasing ranks. With the distance from X1.0 to X7. The number of arrows that you collect as you move through the calculations. Corresponds to the number of enemies killed. The more arrows you collect, the more enemies you can defeat. From there will achieve further distance on the scale.Arrow Fest Mod

Calculations, agility skills

In the course of the action game of Arrow Fest Mod. Calculations are divided into 2 different colors. Blue includes addition and multiplication, red includes division and subtraction. As can be seen, the blue color of the calculation increases the number of arrows. Conversely, red will reduce the number of arrows you currently own. Depends on the number of arrows available. You need to choose the right calculations. Because sometimes the difference between division and subtraction is huge. Along with that, the same is true between multiplication and addition. Sometimes multiplication may not increase the number of existing arrows more than addition. To be able to increase the number of arrows as much as possible. You need to have quick observation and calculation skills. Combine flexible control to avoid people in the way.Game Arrow Fest Mod

Levels of play, many types of enemies

Arrow Fest Mod opens many different levels of play. During the levels that take place, you will have to destroy many different enemies. By using the number of arrows collected to attack. For example people, monsters, giants, and knights. The difference between them is shown in size and appearance. This means that the number of arrows to kill each type of enemy is not the same. Perform calculations in turn, attack enemies with arrows. You can complete the mission with excellent achievement. At the same time receive gold coins, corresponding to achievements. It will then continue to the next level of play. The difficulty also increases from there. Not only did the number of enemies increases more. But the calculations during the game are also more complicated.Tai Arrow Fest Mod

Various types of arrows

There is not just one type of arrow. Arrow Fest Mod provides many different types of arrows. They are designed very unique, own style. Especially the attack ability of each type of arrow is not the same. To get the desired arrow, you need to unlock it. However, the game’s unlocking feature is very different. Instead of choosing an arrow that the player wants. The system will unlock randomly. To be able to use a new arrow. You need to pass a certain level of play. Then will have to use the money to pay the fee, unlock a new arrow. From there you can use them to participate in the next level of play.Download Arrow Fest Mod

As mentioned earlier, although the graphics of Arrow Fest Mod are designed in 3D. But not as realistic as other 3D games. Instead, the environment is lively, with various background scenes. Shaping the character without facial expressions. Designed in the form of a dummy, with its own size. Combines the impressive effect of arrows when attacking enemies. The light effect on the scale will be reproduced very vividly. Mixed with funny sound quality. Can be throughout the game. Promises to bring you an extremely interesting experience.

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