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Area-Z Mod opens the Zombie war in a gloomy world. Set in New York City taking place in various locations. You will have to fight with bloodthirsty zombies as a gunman. Fierce, fierce battles broke out continuously. Behind it is a story about a fantasy world in the future. The gameplay of the game is built in the style of action shooting. Using the top-down perspective, you can easily observe everything around you. Especially being able to detect the direction of the approaching enemy. Along with 3D graphics built by the developer RisingWings. Help the image quality, as well as the sound taking place in the battles more realistic. Along with unique effects, more excitement for players.

Download Area-Z Mod – War In The Fantasy World Of Earth In 2031

The setting of Area-Z Mod opens in a futuristic fantasy world. Earth in 2031 appeared a scary virus. They enter the human body, causing many people to lose their lives. Things didn’t stop there, the dead people came back to life once again. But they are not humans, but bloodthirsty Zombies. The zombies will search and attack the survivors. This has caused humanity to almost perish. Only a few people are lucky enough to survive or are immune to the virus. They decided to form a group, fighting together to protect themselves. Research drugs that can combat this dreaded virus spread. Simultaneously shake hands with the mercenary squads and the world defense force. Together, destroy the Zombies and protect the scientists who are researching medicine.Area-Z Mod

A gunman’s duty

Join the game Area-Z Mod you will become a gunman. As a member of the anti-Zombie force. With a series of tasks to perform. Fight scary zombies on a vast battlefield. Survive in a fierce battle against the onslaught of Zombies. Protect research areas of scientists. Each mission takes place in a different area. For example, inside the high-rise buildings located in the heart of New York City. Your enemies don’t just have a few names. But an army with a large number of zombies. They can appear at any time. Will rush to attack as soon as it detects your position. Use all your fighting skills. Kill all zombies before you fall prey.Game Area-Z Mod

In the course of a battle, the difficulty gradually increases

Each battle in Area-Z Mod is divided into many different attacks. Each wave of attacks appeared a large number of zombies. They will rush to attack as soon as they detect their prey. You need to destroy all enemies to save your life. Defeat each zombie attack in turn. You will complete missions to continue to enter new battles. During the battle, the enemy can attack from many sides. Leaves you with lots of tough challenges to beat. At the same time, each subsequent wave of attacks will be more difficult than the previous one. Not only did the number of enemies increase but the defense was also improved. Can withstand a lot of damage from your bullets. This takes you more time, as well as needs to improve skills to be able to defeat.Download Area-Z Mod

Guns, ammo, and support weapons

Weapons are one of the main factors for you to fight zombies. Here, Area-Z Mod provides a diverse gun system. Including guns with flexible attack capabilities, high mobility. At the same time, each type of gun will have a specific type of ammo. You need to buy to be able to attack enemies in battles. The guns are used to equip the character. Also, during the wars. You can use support guns, which will be unlocked when reaching a certain level. However, support guns need to use energy to unlock. You can then place them at locations on the battlefield. As soon as the enemy moves into the active range. Support guns will automatically fire to attack. Energy is also increased each time you kill a zombie.Tai Area-Z Mod

The game mode in Area-Z Mod is very diverse. Includes 3 main modes such as survival, defense, and master the game. Each mode opens its own zombie shooting wars. Along with the gameplay, there are rules that you must follow. Survival mode takes place in a fierce environment. You need to protect yourself against the attacks of zombies. Survive and destroy all of them to complete the mission. Or defense mode, with the task of protecting energy tanks in the base. Zombies appear everywhere, their target is the item you are trying to protect. If they are destroyed, the mission will not be completed.

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