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Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D opens the battle between warriors and monsters. You will play the role of any character with special superpowers. There are moves and skills that are not like ordinary people. Kill monsters easily. Cute and funny appearance design. You can customize the outfit, face, hair color, etc… To suit your liking. Holding a sharp sword, begin the journey to conquer the battle screen. Possesses magical energy hidden deep within the person. Make it ignite that energy. To be able to overcome all difficulties and challenges. Facing monsters with no fear at all. Diverse characters, along with that is an extremely rich monster system. They are divided into different categories. Continuous transformation, change in both appearance and strength. Upgrade your character over time to increase strength, adapt to new environments and challenges.

Download Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod – Become a monster-slaying warrior

Over time of the battle, the monster will become stronger and bigger in size. Very good attack power and defense cause you many difficulties and great obstacles. So what do we need to do to solve this? The answer is that you need to upgrade your character’s strength. Equip new weapons that deal more damage. When facing an opponent, you can win. Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod is considered to have a pretty good graphics background. From the name alone, you can easily see this. 3D image quality creates realistic, vivid details. The beautiful scenery makes players fall in love from the first time playing the game. Start the battle, join the challenge right away.

Dashero Archer & Sword 3D mod

Warrior System

Starting the game, you will receive 1 default character from the system. Anyone who is new to the game will have and own this character. There are dozens of other high-class warriors, more powerful, but if you want to own them, you need coins. Each warrior will be sold for a different price. Depending on the budget you have and your desire to find the right warrior. Choose to buy warriors to help meet your needs. Each character possesses a unique set of skills and magical powers. You need time to get used to the moves so that the manipulations become more flexible and accurate.

Dashero Archer & Sword 3D game mod


Warriors need to be trained and upgraded after each level. Because starting a new match, the enemy has already changed. Higher power, huge bonus, terrible defense. In order to maximize the strength of the character, you must know the strengths of each person. Equip additional armor sets, weapons with the ability to attack from a distance, etc. Increase both attack power and defense ability. That way you can overcome all challenges, conquer the game screen.

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Various monsters

In parallel with the diverse character system, Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D Mod has many different types of monsters. They have extremely strange shapes, great attack power. You will be surprised when you see tomatoes with legs rushing to attack you. Or the crabs look nothing scary on the outside but have a hidden source of terrible power. Along with many other types of monsters, you need to learn and capture the information of each species. Find weaknesses so that when confronting them do not feel scared.

Character stats

During the match, you need to pay attention to the character’s stats displayed on the screen. There are 2 bars of blue and red representing the energy and HP of the warrior. The HP bar will be reduced when the enemy attacks continuously, the character takes a lot of damage. Make sure the health is always higher than 0. If depleted, the character will die and cannot be resurrected. The blue bar is the energy that helps you perform moves and combat skills. You can bring energy bottles, HP in each first match to recover when needed.

Dashero Archer & Sword 3D mod apk

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D is one of the most popular action games at the moment. Dramatic, vibrant gameplay creates classic battles. Role-play as a warrior with special powers. Holding a sharp sword in his hand, he smashed all the monsters that appeared on his way. Don’t give them a chance to attack you. Try to have a diverse collection of different types of characters. Change the style to avoid being bored when playing games for a long time.

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