Alien Shooter Mod Hack APK 40.7 (Menu, VIP, Money, Onehit, God Mode)

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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for players to participate in the extremely fierce air war. There will be battles between thousands of planes. You will control your spaceship to skillfully move. Dodge and attack the enemy. If you have ever played the legendary chicken shooting game, you cannot miss this gameplay. Has the same gameplay as the chicken shooting game. But in this gameplay, you will be playing the role of aircraft that control your spaceship to attack other spaceships. The context of the game shows us the future of the earth in the year 2050. At this time, human technology has developed to the limit. Countries are at war with each other. In which the main combat weapon is the spaceship flying in the air. Join the fleet battle in the air now.

Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD – Super classic spaceship battle

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD was released in the era of strong 4.0 technology. It is not difficult to understand when this gameplay is rated as having beautiful graphics quality. Players will be very easily attracted by the attraction of spaceships. In this merciless war. You also have to deal with alien creatures. They not only have the ability to move flexibly in the general space. But their special superpower can attack and cause your spaceship to crash. Be careful when dealing with these animals. Many levels, many different difficulty levels for you to choose from. Completing the task is to conquer the screen. You will get a lot of bonuses and level up right away. The spaceships you have are all heavy combat weapons. Has great destructive power.

Galaxy Attack mod apk

Attractive gameplay

As I said at the beginning, this gameplay is quite similar to the legendary chicken shooting game. Players can clearly see this through the photos in this article. Simple gameplay for everyone to access and play the game easily. You just need to touch the screen to be able to control your spacecraft. If you want to move in any direction, drag your hand in that direction. Left, right, up, down all fine. Flexible manipulation helps your spaceship to dodge all shots from the enemy. The amount of ammo that the spaceship has is unlimited. You can freely attack the enemy without worrying about running out of ammo. The gameplay is simple but to win is not easy at all. Face many different enemies. You need specific strategies to defeat them.

Galaxy Attack mod apk for android

Various spacecraft

When you first enter Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter you will only have one spaceship provided by the system for free. This spaceship is also one of the most powerful fighters in the game. Besides, there are many other types of spaceships for players to experience. Each unit will have a different selling price. In the normal version, you will spend a lot of time plowing the country to buy a new spaceship. But for the mod version MODLH. vn provides. You can buy all the strongest fighters. Create a more diverse and quality arsenal. You can equip your spaceship with special weapons. Increase the destructive power of your fighter.

Galaxy Attack mod hack game

Vivid graphics and sound

Graphics and sound of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter are more vivid, more attractive than a chicken shooting game. Realistic, sharp reproduction of the world scene in the future. Create an extremely attractive space for you to participate in battles. The male battleships have unique and fancy designs. I’m sure you haven’t seen it anywhere. Only in this gameplay you can experience driving these spaceships to fight. It is attractive and interesting when combined with the vibrant sound of the game. Be careful when playing the game. The attractive gameplay will make you addicted to it.

Galaxy Attack mod apk tai

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter brings players super classic plane battles. In the vast, vast space. Control your spaceship to move flexibly. Attacks all enemies that appear on the screen. Be very careful with the appearance of alien monsters. They change unpredictably, causing you to fail at any time. Download Galaxy Attack MOD the super classic plane war without end.

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