Alien Shooter – Invasion 5.1.7 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

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Playing Alien Shooter APK with smoother visuals and more intense new game modes than before.

Introducing Alien Shooter

Destroy the aliens to save the world, the fate of humanity now depends on you!

Brand-new multiplayer mode

Alien Shooter is a refreshed version of the top-down action shooter game that has stuck with many people’s childhoods. In this return, the game has been completed with multiplayer mode. From now on you can join your friends to save the world from the invasion of the monster corporation from the outer planet. You can invite friends to be on the same team as you or find new random allies to fight together.

Many weapons have also been updated. And there are tons of equipment each player can choose, mix and power up their character. There are countless ways for you to combine weapons, armor, and accessories, thereby creating a character with different unique strengths and different fighting abilities. Alien Shooter also allows the freedom to change these items depending on the mission, opening up great flexibility for all players. Stimulating strategy and innovative ways of fighting is the first interesting point of this game.


Alien Shooter brings 20 arenas with many unique bosses. The battle mechanics are also new, with many powerful sub-enemies and a variety of mediocre but powerful monsters. You will constantly make combat contracts and explore the route to destroy alien enemies to hunt for better weapons and equipment. At the same time, opening new activities, continuing the path of non-stop fighting.

To play Alien Shooter, you must be willing to spend many hours continuously playing through 3 main story maps and hundreds of additional missions. These missions will take place in many different contexts: dungeons, hero quests, and survival missions with different difficulty levels. Depending on your level and playing preferences, you will choose for yourself the direction of the quest and start calling your friends or inviting your allies to fight.

Players can choose male or female warrior characters. Each character has 39 skills with three progression levels. Leveling up the character is not enough because the monsters will appear more and more, crowded and fierce. You will need many, many different weapons and equipment, combining them in a variety of ways to create an offensive advantage. Each item has its own destructive power and use.

The busiest fierce battlefield

The multiplayer mode also gives Alien Shooter a fierce battlefield system like never before. On the same screen, you’ll see mobs of black monsters and you’re in the center-left and right fighting in one corner, in the other corner is a bunch of monsters surrounding other players. The war on a large scale has never been so explosive and fierce.

The gameplay of Alien Shooter revolves around two activities Run and Shoot. As mentioned, the game is divided into many small tasks, but in general, the requirements are the same: kill all aliens. The process is also quite similar. Specifically in each area to enter the battle, you have to find a way to destroy the wall or disable the outer ring, go around everywhere and destroy the monsters. The battlefield is thus once again always busy regardless of whether there is a single-player or multiplayer. Alien Shooter is a place to work non-stop and there is no rest.

Especially, every time the battle is over, the body of the monster you destroyed does not disappear, they will bring you many surprises. Remember to take advantage of this.

Download Alien Shooter APK for Android

There are also quite a few limitations in the repeatability of the mission, aliens are not too rich in genres, the top-down perspective is not always ideal for panoramic views and shooting is not very good. Many of you also have comments on the character control mechanism and a few minor bugs. But overall, Alien Shooter is an alien war game worth playing: fast-paced, flexible animation, lots of things to explore, countless weapons and equipment, and leveling up for the character. On top of that, the retro feel, which gives this game the fancy combat atmosphere, is also a style very few alien shooter games can do.

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