AdVenture Capitalist Mod APK 8.17.0 (Unlimited Money, Tickets, No ADS)

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Do you want to be a billionaire and tycoon of a money-printing factory? AdVenture Capitalist Mod is the idle game for you to make your dreams come true. This game has a simple gameplay and is designed to be intuitive on the vertical screen of the phone. Your job is to click to buy items and manage businesses and business models, thereby generating money and attracting more angel investors to drive more profits. You will start from the smallest things to build businesses with billion-dollar profit potential. Moreover, you can expand your business on the moon and explore the universe. Nothing is impossible when you have a lot of money in hand. Show your leadership so money makes money while you sleep.

Download AdVenture Capitalist Mod – Build and manage idle businesses

Everyone dreams of becoming a billionaire, but they don’t know-how. But AdVenture Capitalist will show you how to get rich and become a tycoon in just a few minutes. It’s fantasy, but you can enjoy idle profits as a way to relax. Not only that, but you also learn many things in this game, especially about trading strategy. The simple gameplay mechanics don’t mean it’s boring. It’s more addictive than you can imagine, that’s why this game has attracted millions of players. Here, you can manage all the businesses you create yourself. You can also automate it all to “click” and generate money.


Enjoy profit with just a “click” mechanism

You start your business from a humble establishment, that is, from a lemonade stand. Each lemon costs about 1$ but you can make a profit from many lemons. Those are the first coins as the foundation for your dream of becoming a billionaire in the future. But you need the right strategy and decisions. You can use your capital to invest in many different businesses. Start with businesses that require small capital such as clothing items, home appliances, cakes, drinks… And you need to manage them to generate money and then continue to invest in many other areas.

Choosing a form of business is also an important part of your plan. Take a look at the hot models in the world and keep up with the trends to drive rapid progress. You can expand your brand to many models of larger scale and influence when you have enough capital. For example, you will build a filming studio, a large fashion store, a bank, a seafood restaurant, and more. Each model will need its own materials, facilities, and specialists. You need to go to the store to shop for these and build models, speeding up money generation and becoming even richer.


Manage and upgrade employees

When owning a huge business empire in AdVenture Capitalist Mod, you can’t seem to manage it alone. Or if you want more leisure, think about hiring staff, experts, and caterers for your businesses. You also need talented managers to manage the facilities. They help to generate more profits thanks to wise and sophisticated management strategies. Thanks to that, you can rest your hands or even leave the game. When you come back, enjoy the incredible profits generated. If you upgrade your managers, they will do even better.


Take part in unique events

Do not miss the exciting and fun events in this game, because that is also a way to earn money. You can visit the daily task list and complete the tasks within the allotted time. Besides, there are many limited-time events that take place regularly, helping you earn lots of bonuses to get rich quickly. You can also participate in the space exploration program and develop investment projects that provide items for the exploration and research industry on the moon. These new business forms will become the trend in the future.


Simple design, eye-catching effect

The game is designed to be intuitive on the vertical screen of the phone, so you only need to click one finger to play it. The image in the game with cartoon design looks funny and friendly. The parameters, icons, images, and information … are displayed in detail on the experience screen. Besides, the clicking effects are quite eye-catching, stimulating your excitement. And playful music will help you relax while playing.

Don’t miss AdVenture Capitalist Mod if you are a fan of the idle management genre. You don’t need to click constantly to upgrade and manage your businesses. Because you can automate it all thanks to a talented management team. Just sit back and enjoy continuously increasing idle profits. You can even make money while relaxing, isn’t that great? Getting rich and becoming a billionaire has never been this easy.

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