8 Ball Live Mod APK 2.73.3188 (Mega Hit, Long Line) Download

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Do you want to play billiards with friends and chat online? 8 Ball Live Mod is the most suitable choice for you. This game is quite similar to 8 Ball Pool but has many new features and modes. That’s why it still attracts millions of fans around the globe. Join the game, you can set up online billiards matches with friends, participate in world tournaments and compete on leaderboards. Besides, in each match, you can chat by chat and voice with your opponent. The familiar billiards gameplay and intuitive design also help you get a realistic billiards experience.

Download 8 Ball Live Mod – Simulate billiards with online mode

Instead of waiting and spending money on an actual billiards match, you can now have a match in seconds with 8 Ball Live. This game brings billiards closer to global fans. They only need a few touches on the screen and a few seconds of waiting to play billiards against an online opponent. Moreover, you can compete, compete, team up and connect with friends in this game. Just play billiards and make friends, what’s better?


Explore available modes

Currently, this game has 4 main modes. Each mode will bring you billiards matches in different forms. As follows:

Single Mode: You will play against AI in this mode. There are dozens of levels corresponding to dozens of free billiards matches waiting for you.

Online Mode: This mode is similar to Single Mode, but instead of playing against AI, you will now be paired with any online player. Just wait 3 seconds to connect and start a match right away.

Play With Friends: What’s better than a game of billiards with friends, right? This mode allows you to invite friends from Facebook and set up a private room to enjoy 1:1 matches.

Tournament: This is the mode for international tournaments. You will participate in rounds of billiards and must defeat all opponents to win the championship. The reward for winning in this mode is more attractive than you imagine.

Thus, each mode also gives you attractive billiards matches. You will have the opportunity to practice skills in AI mode and compete with professional players in many other modes. Countless rewards are waiting for you to conquer. Moreover, you need to have promotion points if you want to compete on the leaderboard.


Familiar gameplay

Although there are many different game modes, 8 Ball Live Mod retains the traditional billiards gameplay. If you have ever played or watched billiards programs, accessing this game is not difficult. In each match, each player will have to shoot the ball. During your turn, you must adjust the direction of the shot properly to push the billiard balls down one of the holes on the pool table. If you shoot the ball successfully, you will have a new shot. You will lose your turn if you miss the ball or the ball does not go down the hole.

The criterion to win is not the number of points from successful shots. Whoever shoots the 8 ball down the last hole becomes the winner. So to win, you need a reasonable strategy. The element of luck is also part of a player’s advantage. But basically, accuracy, confidence, and strategy are the deciding factors. Show these to beat your opponents.


Unlock new skins and effects

The game gives you lots of cool stuff in the store to customize your experience. Accordingly, it offers dozens of skins for the pool table and cue board and more than 50 unique effects. New tables and new muscles will give you a new feeling. Meanwhile, new effects will accentuate your every shot, making things even more interesting. Don’t miss these unique skins if you have enough money to shop. To get more bonuses, join the lucky spin or open bonus packs.


Intuitive interface, smooth touch

What makes this game attractive is the graphic design. Everything in the game is simulated with 3D graphics, thereby bringing to life your billiards experience. Every detail from the pool table, cue, billiard ball, and more is quite realistic. The ball shooting is also very smooth, giving the feeling of playing real billiards. Moreover, you will have a top-down visual view. This viewing angle allows you to see the entire movement on the billiard table.

So if you are a fan of billiards, don’t miss 8 Ball Live Mod. This game will bring you realistic billiards matches right on your phone screen. Just tap and swipe on the screen to play. But every match is very exciting when you have the opportunity to play against professional players. International tournaments, online mode and more will bring you closer to your friends online.

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