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When there are only 60 seconds left to make a life decision, everyone will be bewildered. 60 Parsecs! will bring you to such situations. This helps players realize the importance of choices. Gameplay will put you in a worst-case scenario. Then you will have to make decisions to solve the problem. How to make both yourself and those around you survive. The graphics in the game are almost motionless. Let me feel the heavy air. The game is designed like cartoon movies, suitable for many ages to conquer. The plot is also quite simple. You will transform into one of the 6 astronauts on the spaceship. When they learn that their homeland has been devastated by a nuclear explosion, they are very worried. It was reported that a rocket was also flying towards them. The situation is that in 60 seconds, need to gather all the furniture and equipment needed to escape from the spaceship. Otherwise, all will explode and die. At the same time, you will have to stop the game.

Download 60 Parsecs! – Conquer all challenges

60 Parsecs! Mod will take you to a room. In 60 seconds you need to choose the necessary items to carry. Command your crew and make the best choices. Assign tasks to each member. Do everything you can to survive as long as possible. After passing the first station, you will continue to land at the next place. Similarly, the player must pass the gate after being in another location. The system will take you to one of three space stations, in turn, each with countless other small planets. Mootopia is a desert-like planet, without water, dry and hot. The second is Robotofu, which is a robot planet, with a dark gray color, no signs of life. And finally, the planet Phobonos here exists life but the reality is not so optimistic. The people here are very cunning, They can sell you out at any time. So it’s best to rely on your own strength and useful objects around.

60 Parsecs! mod

Find your next destination

Your spaceship is in need of maintenance. Fuel is also running out. In 60 seconds, in addition to finding the necessary items, you must determine the next nearest destination on the map. After landing on a certain planet, you and your teammates need to explore around. Bring labor tools to collect the necessary items to bring back to the ship. From there it is possible to repair the ship to make the trip better.

60 Parsecs! mod apk

Hints from the system

From the big screen on the ship, you can see what’s going on around you. Based on that to grasp the situation, command the crew in the most reasonable way. Through the instructions, you need to follow them meticulously. Even a small mistake can cause the boat to fall into crisis. When danger approaches, the red warning sign lights up. Players need to act skillfully until the green light returns. It all takes place in just 60 seconds, so act quickly to get out of danger as soon as possible.

Game 60 Parsecs! mod

Take advantage of everything around

All items you bring or those available in the cabin are valuable. A can of food can sustain life for 3 days. If there is not enough food, each member will run out of energy and cannot function anymore. The protective suit will help the player go out into the space environment to review the situation. Medical items will be used to save members when they are sick. You will need them on a case-by-case basis. All are controlled and commanded by you with one hand. Make the wisest choices.

The importance of decisions

Each of your choices will have a different outcome. Although these are just small decisions, they are enough to change everyone’s fate. For example, when the ship shakes, accidentally dropping the food box, you will lose the food. If a quick solution is not found, it will surely starve to death. Or when going to the robot’s planet, accidentally press the start button. All robots here will attack you, making the ship increasingly damaged. But when it comes to the planet with life, if you behave properly, you will definitely pass easily with the help of the people.

Game 60 Parsecs! mod apk

Keeping your crew members alive is your top duty. The more people there are, the more ideas to escape. When there are foreign objects flying in from space, be careful with them. Otherwise, the ship will explode. There are also space creatures. Do everything to drive them away if you don’t want to be eaten. Download 60 Parsecs! Mod conquer all challenges and don’t let anyone harm your teammates. Be a smart, agile captain and solve all the dilemmas.

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